Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company offers dustless resurfacing services, dustless sanding and refinishing as well as maintenance of all types of real, solid wood and hardwood flooring.

Care to know how we will restore your wood and hardwood flooring or the type of maintenance we will do?

Machine cleaning and polishing

Has your hardwood floor become impossible to clean? If so, residue buildup may be to blame. There are many wood floor cleaning products out there that promise to protect the floor and offer a lasting shine. However, most of these products attract/encourage dirt buildup, which in turn, causes unmatched stickiness when cleaning and could add an unneeded oily residue to the surface of the finish of your hardwood floors.

You need our machine cleaning service to get rid of dirt buildup on your hardwood floor. We have machines and hardwood floor products that remove the dirt, residue, dander, disinfect and polish your wood floors finish. Our machine cleaning and polishing service will give you a cleaner and shinier hardwood floor that does not have any residue. Most importantly, you will not have any more problems cleaning your floor.

How do we machine clean and polish hardwood floors?

This service begins with a thorough inspection to determine the type of hardwood/wood floor finish is on your floors, best cleaning method, and machine to use. We will then proceed to machine clean your floor, paying special attention to “trouble” spots. After machine cleaning, we will polish the floors to restore its original sheen. In some cases, the floor may be restored if the finish is worn too much.  It is always best to restore the finish to prevent the floors from needing to be completely sanded down to bare wood, stained and refinished as this process takes longer and would require you to be off of the floors until the floors have been finished and the finish has had ample time to cure completely.

Machine cleaning and polishing benefits

Machine cleaning restores the natural wooden beauty of your floor by eliminating a top layer of dirt that is known to cause dullness, among other problems. Polishing restores and enhances the sheen.

Machine cleaning also preserves the character of hardwood floors because the store-bought cleaning method doesn’t address the small marks and scuffs which are inevitable with normal wear and tear.

Machine cleaning also extends the lifespan of hardwood floors since it is not intrusive and only focuses on the dirt, grime and residue that builds up on top of hardwood floors finish.

We provide machine cleaning services that offer all the above benefits and more, including disinfecting your wood or hardwood floors. If you wish to clean your floor according to COVID-19 guidelines, CALL US.

Important: Before you decide to sand your hardwood floor, consider machine cleaning and polishing just to see if it makes a difference. Most hardwood floors are dull because of wear and dirt buildup.

2. Waxing and buffing

If you have a wax finish, you should wax your hardwood floor to protect the floor and keep it looking beautiful at least every six months to a year depending on the amount of traffic which the floors encounter. Wax seals and protects the natural beauty of wooden floors. We can help you determine the right type of wax for your floor and flooring finish.

Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company has all types of hardwood floor wax from solid paste wax for wax compatible sealed hardwood floors to liquid wax which will add color to the worn areas. We know exactly what to use with any floor and how to use it.

When you choose us, you do not have to worry about choosing the wrong wax, applying it wrongly, and other risks associated with waxing hardwood floors.

We will also buff the floor after waxing to add sheen to the wax layer. We have the best motorized hardwood buffing machines to give you the best results imaginable.

Waxing and buffing benefits

Stain resistance benefits: Our wax seal will limit the absorption of liquid spills eliminating spill-related stains.

Reduces imperfections: Our high-quality wax will reduce or eliminate superficial scuffs, scratches, and traffic pattern wear of your hardwood floors.

Preserve finish: Waxing is a great way to preserve underlying finishes by protecting finishing from spills, dirt, dust and ensuring that the floors will continue to last much, much longer without having to have them sanded and refinished.

Prolong the life of your hardwood floor: Our wax increases the hardiness of your hardwood floor, increasing the lifespan compared to non-waxed hardwood floors.

Increased beauty: A waxed and buffed hardwood floor has a shinier look and glossier feel that cannot be achieved through regular dust mopping or vacuuming.

Deep Reflections has a variety of waxes in different hues that boost the attractiveness of hardwood floors.

While wood and hardwood floors add classic elegance to homes, they lose this unique benefit when they are dull or worn. Waxing and buffing is a cost-effective way of restoring the sheen and life span to your hardwood floors.

3. Restoring

The Bona Restore process consists of machine cleaning and abrading is done before the new finish is applied to your hardwood floors. The process ensures the finishing adheres perfectly. Unlike sanding, which removes a thin top layer of hardwood flooring, abrading simply prepares the existing finish for the new finish to bond to the existing finish.  You have the option on the exact type of finish of which we can use. We offer the most durable, non-toxic finishes on the market today which are virtually maintenance free, stay completely clear and will last for many, many years with simple and easy cleaning.

Deep Reflections Hardwood offers this service with consistent results across your entire hardwood floor. Since abrading can be dusty, we use dust containment and dust extraction systems to eliminate the would be airborne dust which would remain airborne for up to 72 hours, allowing the debris to settle into the new finish causing the finish to have flaws and a texture to it. With our system, you can rest assured knowing that the new finish will be completely free of any debris or texture.  Leaving you with a super smooth surface which every hardwood floor surface should be.

After abrading, we will re-coat your floor accordingly. We prepare finishes as directed and based on the type of floor. We are also true professional craftsman that can guarantee a perfect outcome. We can even control the internal environment/temperature to optimize drying and apply the required number of coats of finish which you desire.

Is abrading your hardwood floor necessary?

It depends on the finishing on your hardwood floor. Before you re-coat finishes, you always need to abrade to get a better result (appearance, durability and to ensure proper adhesion).

Our flooring experts will advise you on the need for abrading before recoating. Failure to abrade when required can make your next coat peel off.

4. Adding color

We can also add color to wood and hardwood floors. You can go darker or choose a red oak tone for your floor (and any color in between).

We have many color options that cover just about any wood and hardwood floor you can imagine. Most importantly, we will test the stain colors to ensure you make an informed decision. Adding color enhances the natural grain beauty of wood floors.

This service is offered alongside others like DUST FREE sanding and refinishing to guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you do not like the current color of your hardwood floor, CALL US!

5. Adding new finish to an existing wood or hardwood floor

We can also renew the finish on hardwood floor minus the hassles of sanding. We use simple but effective etching techniques before applying a new finish.

As a full-service wood and hardwood flooring Service Company, there’s no limit to the wood and hardwood flooring restoration services you can receive at Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company.

Wood and hardwood flooring is a significant home interior investment. The average cost of hardwood flooring in 2020 ranges between $7,500.00 and $75,000.00 in America.  Average hardwood flooring installers charge approximately $12 to $18 per square foot so, it’s only right that you work with true experts only when maintaining the flooring.

Why choose Deep Reflections for all your wood and hardwood floor restoration services?

Dust free services done in 1 day

Typical hardwood flooring restoration services can take 2 to 4 days, depending on factors like size and complexity. In fact, most homeowners are forced to move out of their homes while their floor is being restored. Restoring and refinishing work takes the least time.

Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company offers dust free refinishing of wood and hardwood floors. With dust out of the way, you can have your floor restored in a day in most cases. You do not have wait for up to 72 hours for the dust to settle completely before applying the new finish.

You also save precious time wasted when sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring traditionally. Modern refinishing methods bypass lengthy processes like covering the entire home with plastic and still being left with fine dust to deal with months or years after sanding and refinishing.

Dust free refinishing also comes with a notable health benefit. Wood dust is a proven carcinogen. Traditional hardwood refinishing produces a lot of dust, which has been proven carcinogenic to humans as per the IARC. Wood dust is linked to cancers that affect the nasopharynx (upper throat), the nasal cavity, and spaces surrounding the cavity (para-nasal sinuses).

Wood dust has also been linked to other health problems due to natural elements in wood, such as fungi, bacteria, and molds. The dust also has toxic effects, such as causing irritation in the nose, throat, and eyes. Wood dust can also cause allergic reactions and decrease lung capacity.

When you discover the dangers posed by wood dust, you understand why our services are dustless. We are so serious about eliminating wood dust that we have invested in the latest wood and hardwood flooring dust containment, dust extraction and restoration equipment. We have dust containment and extraction systems that are 99.8% dust-free services, Guaranteed!

Besides ensuring that we deliver impeccable results that are free of dust, we care about every other risk posed by wood dust.  Most importantly, we have been offering dustless refinishing of hardwood floors for a long time. We are not jumping on a popular trend.  Our investment in your safety has been long and ongoing.

Feel free to contact us to see the dust free hardwood flooring dust containment & dust extraction systems we are using currently.

Flooring services for any type of real, solid wood or hardwood floors

Dustless services aside, the sanding and refinishing company you choose to work with should be able to handle all types of wood and hardwood floors. Deep Reflections provides dustless sanding and refinishing of existing wood and hardwood floors. We have over 50 years’ experience dealing with all kinds of wood floors imaginable.

While you can hire any carpet cleaner or artificial flooring company to maintain your carpet or laminate floor, the cost of installing hardwood and wood floors demands proven floor maintenance experts. A poor sanding and refinishing job can decrease the lifespan of your floor significantly as well as the value of your home.

We have special guidelines and firsthand experience sanding and refinishing any kind of wood floors you can think of.

Deep Reflections is a Full-Service Hardwood Flooring Services Company.

Besides sanding and refinishing your wood and hardwood floors, we can help you with the design, selection and decorative aspects which include, but aren’t limited to designing your hardwood flooring (patterned and decorative hardwood floors), selecting the hardwood species, grade, width and cut, laser cutting inlays & medallions, as well as directional and patterned installations.

Our hardwood floor maintenance services include 99.8% dustless refinishing of hardwood floors, water damage repair/replacement, resurfacing, re-coating, waxing and buffing, machine cleaning, polishing, and custom hardwood floor services. We can also fix hardwood flooring installation problems such as unevenness, dullness, scratches, and more!

However, while we offer a variety of services, we deal strictly with wood and hardwood flooring. Specialization is precisely why we are the best at hardwood flooring services.

Wood and Hardwood flooring according to the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines

2020 has been challenging for many businesses globally. The coronavirus outbreak and spread changed how business is done globally. Deep Reflections is one of those flooring businesses that has taken extraordinary measures to ensure clients feel and stay safe while receiving flooring services.

We have been following the CDC’s guidelines since early March of 2020. Some of the practical steps we are taking while providing our flooring services


Daily temperature checks: All our flooring technicians are subjected to daily temperature checks

several times a day to ensure they are fit to work. We go an extra mile and analyze the temperature data continuously to ensure we identify symptomatic technicians immediately.

Regular Covid-19 testing: All our technicians have been tested for Covid-19. This measure is ongoing to identify asymptomatic technicians and accord them the necessary help.

Social distancing: We are also conscious of social distancing when discharging our duties. Our technicians will not come close to each other or clients. We maintain a minimum of a 6-foot distance between ourselves and our customers.

Masks and gloves: Our technicians are always also obligated to wear masks/respirators and gloves when working. We also provide protective footwear covering.

Sanitation: Additionally, Deep Reflections trucks are constantly disinfected and stocked with hand sanitizers. Our client’s health is our primary concern.

We are also open to adhering to any additional Covid-19 guidelines from our clients. If you have any questions or requests on Covid-19 before requesting for our services, CALL US!

Over 50-years of combined experience

There are very few hardwood flooring companies that boast of over 20 years’ of being in business. We have been installing, finishing, refinishing, restoring and maintaining wood and hardwood floors in North Texas for 21 years. We have over 50 years combined experience handling all hardwood floor problems imaginable.

When you invest in expensive flooring, the last thing you want is trial and error services. A bad refinishing or sanding job can reduce the longevity of your floor and bring forth other problems like a compromised look or uneven floor. Our experience is proof that we know exactly what we are doing!

BBB accredited, N.W.F.A. member and a Bona Certified Craftsman Company

Any wood and hardwood restoration company can claim to be the best. However, without BBB accreditation and NWFA membership, such claims do not mean much. The best wood and hardwood floor restoration companies are BBB accredited and members of the NWFA.  We are also Certified by Bona, the leader in wood and hardwood flooring products.

Deep Reflections has proven BBB Accreditation with an A+ rating. We have met and abide by all BBB standards that include, but are not limited to building consumer trust, telling the truth, advertising honestly, honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding client privacy, and embodying integrity.

We are also NWFA members. As members of the most respected hardwood flooring association in North America, we follow strict professional guidelines and abide by government regulations to the letter. We also follow NWFA guidelines strictly.

We are also Bona Certified Craftsmen.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Our customers have rated us 5/5. Most importantly, our reviews are verifiable. Real customers who have chosen us have nothing but good things to say.

We do not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our work. We have refinished 5900+ wood, and hardwood floors since 1995, and our customers still have nothing but great things to say about us.

Our satisfaction guarantee eliminates risk out of our flooring services. Our expertise, attention to detail, and precision is why we can afford to offer 100% satisfaction guarantees and outshine our closest competitors.

You can also contact us any time: 214-553-1577, 214-907-2977 or email us at We are highly responsive and proactive. We have managed to become an industry leader in the hardwood flooring industry in North Texas because we are available, reliable, and trustworthy. Our clients always have clear expectations, and we do not stop proving to them that they have made a good decision choosing us for all their wood and hardwood floor needs.

Care to know how we offer consistent quality? We are a family-owned flooring business that has built capacity organically. We do not outsource dust free sanding and refinishing of wood and hardwood floors like most of our competitors. We have invested heavily over the years and acquired the best equipment and manpower in the industry. Our team has perfected dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors over the years through regular training and hand’s on experience.

We do not outsource or act as brokers in this business, which is how we guarantee quality services every time.

What’s stopping you from seeking our services? We love working with clients who demand the best hardwood flooring services because we have been proven the best at what we do.

Do you have an extremely talented and experienced custom wood or hardwood flooring service that cannot be handled by an ordinary flooring company? TRY US NOW!

Contact us for inquiries and get a FREE no-obligation quote NOW!

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