Deep Reflections: Cuts, Widths, Grades and Wood Species of Wood and Hardwood Flooring Species to Choose From

Deep Reflections is your #1 all service wood and hardwood flooring company in Dallas, TX. Over the 21 years+ we have been in business, we have managed to perfect our services variety.

It does not get any better than Deep Reflections Hardwood when it comes to custom hardwood flooring installation. We can do it all from wood floor installation to hardwood floors installation, dustless sanding and finishing. Our specialty includes but is not limited to installation, dustless sanding, refinishing, dustless restoration and maintenance of solid wood and hardwood flooring.

Solid wood flooring can be defined as flooring made from a single piece of wood (top to bottom). Solid wood flooring has many benefits the most notable being it can be sanded as well as refinished many times.

Care to know the cuts, widths, grades and wood species to choose from when you choose us for all your wood floor installation needs?


When you choose Deep Reflections, you can get wood and hardwood floors made in almost any width. We offer a variety of styles that are available in different wood species, colors and widths. So, the widths we offer are purely based on our customer’s unique tastes and preferences.

Our strip wood and hardwood floors are available in less than 3-inches in width. This option is recommendable to customers who would love to make their spaces appear larger.

We also have plank available in widths measuring 3-inches wide and more. This option is available to customers who are interested in a casual look.

Other patterned options include parquet flooring that ranges in size and creates a geometric non-linear appearance. Since we also offer custom wood and hardwood flooring services, we can meet just about any width flooring guidelines imaginable.


There is no limit to the wood and hardwood flooring species in existence that Deep Reflections customers get access to. We make our wood flooring from hard wood, softwoods, domestic lumber as well as many other imported hardwood species. Every wood species we use has unique characteristics, variations in grain patterns, colors and maintenance needs.

Our wood species selection includes, but isn’t limited to, white oak, American walnut, red oak, maple, mahogany, hickory, cypress, hickory pecan, European white oak, birch, beech, Brazilian walnut and Brazilian cherry.

Which wood species should you select for your hardwood floor?

Deep Reflections offers a variety of hardwood species for your flooring. When selecting one species from the others, it is important to note that wood is still vulnerable to wetness and moisture regardless of its hardness. As a result, proper maintenance is critical if you want your hardwood floors installation and finishing to last decades. With that said, some of our most popular hardwood species to create hardwood floors include;

Oak: We offer all kinds of oak imaginable. In fact, most of our customers choose oak wood species for their hardwood floors. There are many reasons for this the most notable being Oak’s hardness. Oak has a high Janka hardness rating (1360). Popular Oak species such as Red Oak have a 1260 rating. However, white oak stands out the most for hardness (1360) and striking aesthetics. In fact, white oak is more popular than Red Oak with rift and quartered being the most favored white oak cut regardless of grade because of the density, strength and stability.

While there are other wood species that are harder, Oak is popular among many homeowners looking for hardwood flooring because it is easier to find compared to other hardwoods. Nevertheless, all hardwood is scarce by any standard. The cost of all real, solid hardwood flooring is increasing on a daily basis as the supply diminishes at a fast pace.

Black Walnut: We also offer another popular hardwood flooring species (American Black Walnut) with a Janka hardness rating of 1010. This species is popular for its rich colors and spectacular grain patterns. Black walnut stains perfectly and is capable of lasting decades with proper care and maintenance despite it having a lower hardness rating compared to other hardwoods.

Black walnut is also a popular option among our customers who are interested in highly sustainable hardwood flooring species. This species can be replenished easily.

Hickory: Deep reflections customers keen on hardness can choose Hickory. The species has a remarkably high hardness rating (1820) making it a great hardwood flooring species for heavy use floors subjected to high traffic and heavy objects/items. However, Hickory is a very scarce hardwood species making it very costly. Less than five percent of all hardwood floors in the U.S. being installed today are made using Hickory.

Deep Reflections has installed flooring made using the above hardwood species and many more for than 21+ years. Our crew boasts of installing over 30,200 wood and hardwood flooring installations.


Wood used flooring applications is graded based on factors like physical appearance (characteristics). All grades have their own pros, however they look different. Deep Reflections offers a variety of strong and serviceable wood flooring grades. We consider every aspect (including how wood is cut) to provide the most functional and best-looking flooring.

Grade selections specify the surface characteristics, milling tolerance, required lengths among other factors. We use grading guidelines applicable to solid flooring manufacturing standards in the U.S. As accredited NWFA members, Deep Reflections follows NWFA grading rules.

For Hickory flooring, for instance, the floor face must be free of defects. However, the natural color of the wood is not considered as a defect. The best standard grade combines exceptional durability and a nearly uniform appearance. We admit variations in color and occasional small knots or worm holes provided they are less than a quarter inch in diameter and don’t occur on the edge/end of a flooring piece. The flooring must also be free from bark streaks and dark streaks exceeding a quarter inch in width and three inches in length.

Oak, which happens to be the most popular hardwood, has four main grades. The clear grade offers the most uniform appearance but is limited by character marks. Clear is mostly heartwood. The other grade (Select) also has uniform appearance but has more natural characteristics like color variations and knots. The variations are associated with sapwood and heartwood differences. # 1 and # 2 Common Oak grades have much more character markings and imperfections than clear and select grades. Common grades are usually specified based on natural features as well the character they add during installation. In some cases, grades can also be combined.

We follow NWFA rules strictly in regards to grading our wood and hardwood flooring.

Important: White oak is more popular than red oak. Rift and quartered is by far the most favored white oak cut, regardless of the grade.


Our wood flooring can be ordered in many ways the most common being in square feet. We also offer board foot measurement based on volume of the wood or hardwood flooring in question. A board foot of flooring measures (12-by-12-by-1) inches in length, width and thickness respectively. If you order strip flooring from Deep Reflections, we will probably use this measurement. Board foot is a measurement of the amount of wood that it takes to make the flooring.

We also sell flooring in linear foot measurements (based largely on length) for customers who buy base boards, borders, shoe molding, stair nosing, cove molding and feature strips. Other measurements we offer include equal linear foot for wood and hardwood flooring installations that must have uniform width across the entire flooring.

Regardless of the cut, grade, width, wood/hardwood flooring species you want, Deep Reflections can make it happen. However, it is worth noting that hardwood flooring species are in limited supply globally. For this reason, the best quality of hardwood flooring can only be obtained at a premium price and the cost keeps rising dramatically as the supply of hardwood trees dwindles.

Nevertheless, there is no custom hardwood flooring species that we cannot source and make custom flooring from. We offer truly custom hardwood flooring craftsmanship with countless wood and hardwood flooring options available.

We also attend to customers who want custom wood and hardwood cuts, widths, and grades. Contact Us TODAY at 214-553-1577.

Why choose Deep Reflections for all your wood and hardwood flooring needs?

True professionals: Deep reflections is an NWFA member that follows the highest level of global professional standards in the flooring industry. When you choose Deep Reflections, you are assured of working with the best hardwood flooring contractor in Dallas. We will go through all of the available options with you so that you can determine which cut, grade, species, width and or pattern to choose from. We also offer other related benefits such as stellar customer service.

Custom craftsmanship: We also pride ourselves in offering custom wood and hardwood flooring products. Our customers are not limited by common cuts, widths, grades or even wood species. We can make your wood flooring to match the most unique tastes. In fact, we love demanding customers who have unique custom hardwood flooring installation preferences.

We welcome custom design and custom installations. Talk to use for the most unique inlays, patterns, medallions, random wood species, random wood flooring species and more!

We are an all-service wood and hardwood flooring company: Besides installing hardwood floors and other types of wood flooring, we also offer hardwood flooring maintenance and related services. We have memorized everything there is to know about wood and hardwood flooring giving us a unique advantage of offering all wood flooring services imaginable.

For instance, we offer dust-free sanding and finishing services. If your hardwood floors need some work to look as good as new, call us. Our services are 99.8% dust-free. We will restore your hardwood flooring’s beauty and do it safely in the process. Deep Reflections has invested $500,000+ in equipment to ensure our flooring services are efficient, safe and clean. Our customers do not have to clean fine dust after receiving sanding and refinishing services. They are also assured of zero health risks posed by fine dust known to cause cancers and respiratory health problems like asthma.

You never have to look anywhere else when you can work with Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company for all your wood and hardwood flooring services.

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