If you have wood floors, you will want to make sure that they stay beautiful for years to come. If the current state of them is lackluster, you should consider dust free sanding and refinishing. Installing and refinishing wooden floors is a better experience when you get it done with the method that leaves no dust behind. We are going to go into the advantages of dust free sanding and refinishing, so you can see exactly how beneficial this method is.

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From all of the different species of hardwood flooring, different cuts, grades and widths available to all of the different types of finishes to choose from. We also offer the most advanced & most powerful dust containment systems in the world for sanding and finishing or refinishing your floors so our process is virtually DUST FREE! We take pride in our work and it shows, but don’t just take our word for it find out for yourself. Our estimates are free so just give us a call today.
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  1. Advantages of a Dust Extraction System

When a dust free system is used while installing or refinishing wooden floors, the dust is actually removed from the floor right away. Other types of sanding processes just throw up dust into the air, which later has to get cleaned up and disposed of.

With the dust free method, the wooden dust gets sucked up into the containment unit, which leaves your home practically dust free. You don’t have to close and seal off other rooms in your house, nor do you need to cover up all of your furniture and possessions. You don’t need to leave your home or place your pets in a kennel while this process is being done. You also avoid getting dust into your ductwork, where it would normally get spewed back into your home over the next few months. Finally, dust free sanding and refinishing ensures your floors can get topped off with a perfect coat.

  1. Health Benefits of Dust Free Sanding and Refinishing

Whenever you are dealing with any remodeling to your home, you should consider the health effects they may have on you and your loved one. With the traditional method of sanding, dust gets kicked up everywhere. While this may appear to be the less expensive route, it could actually end up costing you significantly more in future medical bills. Here are some health issues you avoid when using the dust free sanding method on your wooden floors.

  1. Respiratory Issues

When the top layer of a wooden floor is sanded away, dust rises up from it and enters the lungs of anyone in the house. It will also continue to do so for months to come, when it gets into your central air system, causing issues such as coughing, wheezing, a persistent cough, hay fever, and asthma attacks.

  1. Eye Issues

Besides your respiratory system staying in great shape, your eyes will thank you as well. Dust from sanding can accumulate in your eyes for quite a while, causing potential damage to them. It is even possible to lose your vision or have eye problems for the rest of your life. This is a huge issue, for both humans and pets alike.

  1. Wrapping Up

We can help you with your dust free sanding and finishing or refinishing needs. We have a proven track record of providing spectacular-looking floors after using our dust free process. We will also leave the job site as clean as it was before we even started, ensuring your home is a clean and healthy one. Contact us today if you are looking to safely bring new life to your wooden floors.

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