Repair of real wood flooring

Hardwood floors are made up of natural and durable materials that add striking beauty and appeal to your house. Unfortunately, these beautiful surfaces are also susceptible to wear and tear, which might detract your floor’s natural appealing looks. If you begin noticing scratches and scuffs in your hardwood flooring, it may be time to do Hardwood floor repairs. Hardwood floors that are professionally sanded, refinished and maintained can last for 100 years or more. Apart from longevity, what are the other advantages of hiring our experts to repair your hardwood floors? And, when are you supposed to repair your hardwood floors? This guide can help.

Importance of repairing your hardwood floors

1. Your hardwood floor should always be Beautiful because the better your hardwood floors look, the more valuable your home is, especially to you.

Hiring our hardwood repair experts will help you get rid of all the dents, scratches, and the ugly looking gritty surfaces. We will turn your ugly looking hardwood floor into a beautiful hardwood floor you’ll live to remember. In fact, your hardwood floors will look as good as new.

2. Saves Money

Maintaining your hardwood floors is very less expensive than replacing them. Regular maintenance makes the floors last longer by slowing the rate of damage. If you chose to replace your hardwood floors instead of repairing them, you would definitely need more resources. Our hardwood floor refinishing service is less expensive compared to replacement. Our professional hardwood floor restoration services reduce the maintenance required by at least 10 times when compared to cheaply finished hardwood floors.

3. Improves Your Home’s Value

In any home, the floor is among the most valuable items. This is because it makes an impression every time a visitor, or a buyer looks at it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re expecting guests or you’re thinking of selling your home, repairing your hardwood floors escalates the beauty of your home. Hardwood floors look appealing to any potential buyer.  Hiring our experts to repair your hardwood floors can have a significant impact on the price of your home when you’ve decided to sell.

 4. Increases Safety

Damaged wood floors are not only ugly, but they are also harmful to your family members and pets. For example, a splintering hardwood floor could lead to serious foot injuries and other potential hazards to members living in the household. Hiring our hardwood floor repair experts will take care of all the potential safety hazards in your home before they cause serious problems.

 5. Wards Off Pests

The crevices and craters on your hardwood floor can welcome and breed pests of all sorts. These pests include termites, ants, roaches, and other unwanted pests. Having pockets of decay on your hardwood floors is an open invitation for these pests. Letting us remove and replace these boards with crevices and craters in your hardwood floors to protect it from invasive pests.

Signs that you need to repair Your Hardwood Flooring

If you observe your hardwood floors buckling, warping, curling or coming up from the subfloor, you’ll notice signs that will suggest when you need some repairs. Below are some of these signs.

 1. Water Damage

Water is among the main causes of damaged hardwood floors. If you notice stagnant water on your floor after a leak, the first step is drying the water as fast as possible. Our company has specialized water drying equipment. We use drying fans and wet vacuums to dry the water on your floor as quickly as possible. If you did not notice the water damage early enough, you could still contact us to assess how severe the damage is. In the worst scenario, your wood may start warping or buckling. For less severe damage, your wood will have dark stains.

2. Extensive Scratches

Scratches are the norm on hardwood floors, but too many scratches are not appealing. If your hardwood floor has a lot of scratches that span over a large area, you may need our hardwood repair services. If you notice scratches that surpass the stain on the wood, you should consider calling us for refinishing services immediately. The stain, sealer and finish are meant to protect your hardwood floor from water. If a scratch damages the stain allowing a pathway into the wood, small amounts of water will seep into the wood and cause damage.

3. Large Chips and Gouges

Apart from scratches, your hardwood floor can also have chips and gouges. These damages can be caused by kids, movers, or pets. These damages need immediate attention because a chip or a deep gouge in your hardwood floors will allow water into the wood. The gouges can also splinter and hurt your family members and pets. So, it’s important to replace the damaged pieces of wood immediately. You can use your leftover wood pieces to replace the wood around the damaged area.

4. Discoloration

Unfortunately, most homeowners think that discoloration is caused by aging. Unfortunately, this is a hint that your wood floors finish has been damaged and you need to repair them immediately. The gray discoloration is caused by wearing off the polyurethane protection, which allows water to seep into the wood. When your hardwood floor absorbs water, oxidation takes place, which turns the wood to gray. As soon as you notice gray discoloration on your floors, you can contact our experts, and we will make the floors look like new again.

5. Massive Staining

You cannot avoid stains on your floors, especially if you have kids and pets in your house. Since you cannot prevent them completely, it is always good to come up with strategies that can minimize the damage. However, there comes a time when the stains are too much to deal with. If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll need to restore the look of your hardwood floors.  You can’t get rid of the stains using cleaning agents, you should consider hiring our hardwood sanding services, and we will restore the look of your floor.

Use our Hardwood Floor Repair Professionals

A hardwood floor repair task is not a DIY project that can be undertaken by any homeowner. Hardwood floor repairs require a great deal of skill and equipment. A professional is also good at determining the best stain that blends with your floor. Safety should also be prioritized when doing hardwood floor repairs. You need the right safety gear and ventilation techniques to reduce the chances of breathing in the gritty dust and debris that results from the repair and restoration process. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to keep your home clean and safe.

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