Consider hardwood floors installation now!

Real solid wood and hardwood is diminishing in supply globally. The reason behind this is simple – there is a high demand and limited supply for hardwood globally. With some hardwood trees taking over a century to grow to full maturity, it’s increasingly difficult to replenish the rare hardwood species that are highly demanded in applications such as flooring.  

Hardwood supply will continue to diminish regardless of re-growing efforts. The supply constraints explain why the cost of hardwood flooring keeps increasing daily. Rare hardwoods used to make some of the most unique and highly sought-after flooring will not be available for much longer. If you are in the market for the best-of-the-best hardwood flooring money can buy, the time is NOW!  

While the rate of deforestation may have decreased globally to 10 million hectares per year between 2015 and 2020 according to UN’s Food & Agricultural Organization, the world is still running out of trees (more so hardwood trees) that are rarely planted but highly sought after. With one highly sought-after hardwood tree species like Oak taking two or more lifetimes to grow to maturity, most people are not willing to plant hardwood trees making the trees more and more expensive as well as harder and harder to get with extended wait times for the delivery from the mills.

But what is real wood?

To understand the urgency behind buying and installing real solid wood or hardwood flooring, it’s important to define real wood. There are many “wood” floors on sale today, most of which aren’t actual wood.  

The problem of distinguishing real wood floors from the fake wood floors has been so serious that the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) decided to launch a campaign dubbed “Real Wood, Real Life Campaign” in 2019 aimed at educating homeowners that love wood floors but fall for wood-lookalike products like plastic composite, tile, laminate, and vinyl plank floors.

NWFA definition of real wood

As per the NWFA standards that include formal definitions, real wood is hard fibrous material forming the main substance of branches/trunks and beneath a tree’s bark. As per the NWFA, wood floors are flooring products containing real wood. The NWFA defines solid wood floors as floors made of a solid wood (a single piece) from the top to bottom.  

According to the NWFA C.E.O., Michael Martin, the existence of many flooring products that utilize the term wood in them is responsible for creating confusion on what is/isn’t real wood flooring. The association wants to boost understanding of wood floors and popularize the benefits of choosing real wood flooring over other types of “wood” floors.  

In its efforts to help homeowners identify real wood floors, the NWFA has a handbook that offers information on the capabilities of real wood floors and more. Ideally, if you are planning on investing in your home, it is advisable to consider buying 100% genuine hardwood because of its many notable benefits ranging from the looks to feel and smell.  

In fact, NWFA homeowner surveys show that 67% of homeowners choose wood floors when building their dream home. Over 80% believe wood floors offer the most value in every aspect, from raising the value of the home to lasting for decades and offering countless design options.  

Benefits of real solid wood or hardwood flooring.

Here are some reasons to make you consider installation of solid hardwood floors in your home before the cost rise further and this particular type of flooring is becoming more and more scarce:

I. Healthier Choice

 Contrary to popular belief, real solid wood or hardwood floors are healthier. When most people think of health, they think of food and exercise. However, the flooring surface in your home could be a contributing factor to poor health if it is not real wood. Wood floors boost indoor air quality by keeping allergens and microorganisms at bay. They are also better at controlling dust, mold, and animal dander than other floors and carpets.  

Concerns on sanding and refinishing hardwood floors that may result in wood dust can be addressed by choosing the best all service hardwood flooring company near you, like Deep Reflections in Dallas, TX that offers dustless sanding of hardwood flooring.  

II. Easy maintenance

Real solid wood and hardwood floors are also easier to clean if you procure services of true professionals occasionally to do deep cleaning and offer specialized hardwood maintenance services like sanding and refinishing. The beauty of hardwood floors can’t be seen entirely if you have a dirty floor. Dirt buildup over time can make hardwood floors sticky and difficult to clean. If you use professional hardwood maintenance companies like Deep Reflections regularly, you’ll just need to be dry mopping your floor to keep it looking brand new. Sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors removes dirt build-up, scuffs, scratches, and other maintenance problems restoring hardwood floors to a brand-new state.  Also it is easier to keep your hardwood floor cleaner than it is to keep carpets and rugs clean.  

III. Lasts for a lifetime

 With professional maintenance services, solid wood and hardwood floors will last a lifetime. While the floors may scratch and scuff over time, they can be sanded and restored back to their brand-new state. You just need the services of an experienced hardwood flooring maintenance company like Deep Reflections to make your floor look great for a lifetime. Real solid and hardwood floors can be sanded multiple times without making them structurally weak.  

While installation of solid hardwood floors is costly initially, you just need to invest once. Other types of “wood” floors may appear cheaper, but they have to be replaced several times a lifetime making them more costly in the long run.  

IV. Added value

As mentioned above, if you wish to boost the value of your home, you should install real solid wood or hardwood flooring. Most people out to buy homes are willing to pay more for homes with real solid wood or hardwood floors than homes with other types of floors. This translates to a better selling price if you ever wish to sell your home. Hardwood floors look great.  

They also offer unmatched design flexibility, making them an important selling point in any home. Makeovers are incredibly easy with real solid wood and hardwood floors. The floors can be sanded and refinished to give them a brand-new look. They can also be polished or stained to change their look. What’s more, the wood floors can match with just about any interior design theme imaginable. You just need a true hardwood flooring professional to get your dream makeover.  

What’s more, real solid wood and hardwood floors offer the best value for money when compared to other floorings since you only need to install them once in a lifetime.  

The need for a true real solid wood or hardwood flooring professional

Important: You can consider hardwood floors installation or solid wood floor installation. However, if you are not deliberate about working with true hardwood flooring experts, you can forget about enjoying the full benefits of hardwood and real solid wood floors.  

While there are many hardwood floor maintenance companies in places like Dallas, TX, very few are true experts with decades of experience in all services related to hardwood floors. It’s worth noting that many problems behind hardwood floors and solid wood floors can be traced to poor care and maintenance services.  

When you decide to install real solid or hardwood floors in your home today or soon because of the increasing scarcity, among other factors, take on professionals like Deep Reflections. You need proven experts to guide you from installation to maintenance.  

About Deep Reflections

Deep Reflections is an all-service solid wood and hardwood floors co. In Dallas, TX. The company offers residential and commercial real, solid wood & hardwood flooring services from the design work to installation and maintenance. Deep Reflections also offers other services in between, such as hardwood flooring consulting services aimed at helping clients know their options.

Deep Reflections installs hardwood floors, offers dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors, and offers many other services, including dust-free restoration & maintenance of all wood floors imaginable.  

Deep Reflections also offers custom hardwood flooring installation services, solid wood floor installation, and other highly specialized services involving hardwood floors. The company is renowned for offering the highest level of services. In fact, Deep Reflections loves demanding customers with challenging hardwood flooring needs. The company has invested $500,000+ over the past two decades in high-end equipment like dustless sanding equipment to ensure they offer 100% safe and effective hardwood flooring maintenance services.  

Care for more reasons to choose Deep Reflections for all your hardwood flooring needs in Dallas, TX, and neighboring environs? Well, the company has specialized in solid wood and hardwood floors only. Deep Reflections has also been in been in business for 21+ years and boasts of thousands of happy clients. The company also has strict policies. For instance, all work is handled in-house. Deep Reflections does not sub-contract work, which is partly why the company has managed to offer consistent quality services over the years.  

Deep Reflections accreditation: BBB accredited member – A+ rating. The company is also an NWFA member and Bona Certified Craftsman Co.

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