We offer COMPLETE HARDWOOD FLOORING SERVICES from the design, selection, custom installation of laser cut inlays, borders, patterns such as Chevron, Herringbone, Marcello, Monticello, Bordeaux, directional installations, inlaid offset random width with borders, random species, standard and decorative to Medallions.  The knowledge of these aspects to hardwood flooring are necessary to complete a truly custom wood or hardwood installation.  We provide dustless sanding and finishing or refinishing of new and existing wood or hardwood floors, water damage replacement, replacement, repair and maintenance of all types of wood or hardwood floor finishes, and more! Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company can handle all aspects of custom residential wood & hardwood flooring.

Our design, selection, and decorative hardwood flooring services include, but are not limited to:

Designing hardwood floors

Selecting hardwood floor species

Selecting hardwood flooring width, cut and grade 

Designing patterned hardwood floors

Designing decorative hardwood floors

Laser cutting inlays and medallions of any type/width on hardwood floors

Directional installation of solid wood & hardwood floors

Our hardwood flooring maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

99.8% DUST FREE sanding and refinishing of hardwood or wood flooring

Water damage repair/replacement of hardwood floors

Maintenance of any type of existing wood/hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring repair/restoration

Hardwood flooring resurfacing

Hardwood flooring recoating

Hardwood flooring waxing and buffing

Hardwood flooring machine cleaning and polishing

Custom hardwood flooring services

We can offer many other services that are related to wood flooring or hardwood flooring. For instance, we can fix uneven hardwood flooring, fix installation problems on flooring that was installed badly, fix scratches, dullness, and much more! 

Most importantly, we work exclusively on wood and hardwood flooring. Our specialization in these types of flooring is part of the reason why we are the elite hardwood flooring service provider. 

Our Advantage: Why Should You Choose Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors?

There are countless flooring companies in Texas. So, why should you choose us?

1. Unmatched specialization on solid hardwood and wood flooring

We are not a “jack-of-all-trades” flooring company. We are not interested in business that falls outside our core expertise. When you choose Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company, you can rest assured you are choosing true experts in solid hardwood and wood flooring.

We have perfected all there is to know about wood and hardwood flooring for the 21+ years we have been in business. Very few flooring companies in Texas have invested such time in perfecting hardwood flooring services like us.

Here at Deep Reflections, we have been researching as well as developing top of the line equipment to provide the actual dust free sanding & refinishing of hardwood floors for 17 years now. In fact, we are the pioneers of dust free sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors in North Texas having led the way since 2003 when we bought our first dust containment system (Bona Atomic Dust Containment System).

Given the investment associated with hardwood flooring, we made it our mission from the onset to specialize and be exceptional at what we do. With a combined 50+ years of wood and hardwood flooring experience on installation, replacement, repair, and just about any related service you can think of, Deep Reflections Hardwood Floor Company can handle it all!

Most importantly, we are known for our authentic craftsmanship. We can enhance natural beauty of salvaged hardwood using modern technologies to achieve unmatched and unique results. If you are looking for ultimately customized and handmade hardwood flooring products that match your individual style, look no further. We can finish every board by hand or piece by piece if that is what our client wants!

2. State of the art Dust Containment Systems

When you choose us, you do not need to worry about carcinogenic wood dust created when sanding and refinishing wood floors. Our investment safeguards your health and ensures we offer unmatched services. 

Our dust containment systems are the best/most powerful and advanced in the world currently. The equipment is made specifically for sanding wood and hardwood floors. And it is not just now. We have been investing in the best hardwood flooring equipment since we opened shop. We are constantly upgrading our equipment to maintain the highest levels of service. 

3. GUARANTEED customer satisfaction 

Services warranty: Our mission is simple. We do not stop if our customers are not 100% satisfied with our services. This is precisely why our services come with a warranty alongside the highest level of professionalism and customer service. If you want something redone, we will gladly oblige.

All our new floors come with a 10-year warranty that is transferable. Unlike most flooring companies, you are assured of floors that are installed and finished/refinished properly. In case of anything, which is highly unlikely, we can rectify issues for FREE. Our decade long warranty is a testament that we stand 110% behind our work. We can offer such warranties partly because our flooring is installed and finished using the best/most durable hardwood floors in the market today. We also use the best finishes, stains, sealers, and other materials.

Health-conscious services: We also treat our clients like family. Their satisfaction and health are our primary concerns. In fact, our services have been transformed to include Covid-19 safety measures. If you are concerned about getting hardwood flooring services during the current pandemic, don’t worry. Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company has put measures in place to ensure our clients are safe.

Besides practicing social distancing and taking temperature checks daily, our flooring experts also wear masks and gloves. We also sanitize working areas daily and wash our hands thoroughly as many times as necessary. When you consider our Covid-19 measures and dust containment systems, you can rest assured that we care about our client’s health.

Guided services: We also guarantee customer satisfaction because we assist our clients every step of the way. We take our clients through every option, product, and service available, ensuring they are satisfied before we do business with them. 

Unmatched customer service team: Deep Reflections also guarantees customer satisfaction because we have a great customer service team. We are responsive 24/7 to all queries and concerns. Our customer’s concerns are dealt with quickly and professionally. Our customer reviews attest to this. 

4. Best variety of hardwood flooring services in Texas

We are a full-service hardwood floor company offering just about any wood and hardwood flooring services you can think of. We can design hardwood floors, select hardwood floor species for you, select hardwood flooring width/cut/grade, design patterned hardwood floors, design decorative hardwood floors, laser cut inlays and medallions on your hardwood floor, perform directional installation, offer DUST FREE sanding and refinishing of hardwood or wood flooring, offer water damage/repair services, maintain any kind of hardwood/wood flooring, machine clean/polish hardwood floors and repair/restore hardwood flooring. We can also resurface/re-coat/wax and buff hardwood flooring as well as offer custom hardwood flooring services that meet the most unique needs and preferences.

Are you thinking of installing hardwood flooring, or you just want new hardwood floors?

Do you wish to add to existing hardwood floors, replace hardwood floors or replace water damaged hardwood flooring?

Get in touch NOW! We offer complete hardwood flooring services in North Texas.

Our Service area includes University Park, Highland Park, Arlington, Dallas, Plano, Flower Mound, Frisco, Celina, Prosper, Lewisville, Irving, Coppell, Allen, Murphy, Parker, North Garland, Rowlett, McKinney, Richardson, Southlake, Westlake Texas and surrounding areas.

We are not an online outfit or hardwood flooring broker. You can visit us and see what we do and get all your questions answered by hardwood floor experts. We can even perform demonstrations on how we discharge our services. 

6. Proven professionals with BBB and NWFA membership

We are not self-proclaimed wood flooring experts. Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company is a BBB member. The company has an A+ rating (the highest rating) and overwhelmingly positive verifiable reviews. BBB rating is the epitome of professionalism in business.

Deep Reflections is also an NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) – the most renowned hardwood flooring association in America. All NWFA members abide by strict professional conduct that ranges from dedication to integrity when conducting business to fair competition, abiding by all government regulations, and supporting the NWFA goals. Our NWFA membership shows our unwavering commitment to offering the best hardwood flooring services and products.

7. No outsourcing

We also offer our services 100% in-house. Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company is a family-owned business. We have a competent team of wood and hardwood flooring professionals who have been offering services for decades. Our employees are trained regularly to keep them ready and capable of attending to all our client’s needs.

As mentioned above, we are not brokers like most of our competitors. We have the capacity to offer every hardwood flooring service imaginable. Book a visit or give us a call to discuss what we are capable of doing!

8. Unmatched value for money

The best hardwood flooring services don’t have to be exorbitant. We offer value for money but do not cut corners. Forget about cheap hardwood flooring services that damage your floor and lead to unnecessary costs in the long run. Hardwood flooring that is handled by true experts like us will last a lifetime.

Request for a FREE hardwood flooring estimate now and get a rough idea of how much it will cost.

9. Environmentally friendly services and products

Every product which we work with is thoughtfully sourced. Our raw materials are sourced carefully from sustainable sources. We work with authorized hardwood suppliers only. When offering hardwood flooring maintenance services, we do not use harsh chemicals or other practices that harm our environment. With our dustless hardwood floor sanding services, you can rest assured we will not pollute the environment with wood dust, which has been proven to be a carcinogen.

Who are our customers?

Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company works with anyone with hardwood floors or persons looking for new hardwood floors. We can also work together with customers who want to add to your existing hardwood floor, replace your hardwood floor, replace carpeting with hardwood flooring, and repair hardwood flooring damage caused by water, foot traffic, or any other factors.

We also provide DUST FREE sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors and decorate hardwood floors with laser cut inlays and medallions of any type/width. We are a full-service hardwood flooring company.

Our clients are individuals looking for virtually indestructible hardwood floors and assistance on anything else related to wood and hardwood flooring in Texas.

Our customer support is waiting to hear from you. We are glad to answer all questions about hardwood flooring, provide free hardwood flooring cost estimates, help you choose hardwood flooring, and more!

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