The amount of time which has been spent researching and developing of our extremely powerful and effective dust has been an investment towards perfecting the art of the actual dust free sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors and wood floors in our clients homes.  It was done primarily for our clients because we are professionals and we want to provide the most advanced, state of the art equipment to provide the absolute highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. 

Are you looking for dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services? The good news is, we offer dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services at very affordable rates. Maybe your lovely hardwood floors have started fading, or you need to fill dents on your hardwood floor without any inconveniences. Whatever your case, our custom residential flooring experts specialize in bringing hardwood floors back to life! With our dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services, you can restore the look of your floor or give them a better look.

You do not need to replace your hardwood floors just because they have scratches, dents, chips, or discoloring. Instead, you can restore the floors look by simply sanding it and refinishing it. The traditional sanding and refinishing process is very, very dusty and leaves behind a huge amount of unwanted dust particles in your house. Cleaning these particles is also very time consuming and costly because the dust is everywhere, and I mean everywhere, even in the duct work of your HVAC. Having all the ducts and all of your condenser unit cleaned is very expensive.  But you will not have to worry about all these if you hire our affordable dustless hardwood floor sanding services. We use the most powerful sanding equipment, together with very effective systems. These systems include HEPA Certified dust extractors and our Bona Atomic Dust Containment System.

During the sanding process, there is no need to cover anything using plastic sheeting, as our dustless sanding process emits no dust. Our dustless procedure gives you a super smooth finish that cannot be achieved using the traditional hardwood floor sanding process, which leaves lots of debris from the airborne dust. We provide our customers with dust-free hardwood floors by doing professional wooden or hardwood floor restoration services while maintaining a safe and healthy environment.


Before embarking on any hardwood sanding project, we always offer free estimates and design consultations services that give our clients a detailed explanation of our dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing process. Since we all have different color, texture, and style preferences, we ensure that we spend time with you to understand your needs, taste, style, and preferences. This session helps us to complete a hardwood floor restoration project that best suits your needs, budget, and expectations. We will then do an on-site assessment that will address any potential issues and answer all of your questions.


Our dustless sanding is divided into six main stages. They include:

Pre-sanding Stage: This is the first step, which involves removing carpets and getting rid of any related materials that may interfere with the sanding process.  This is also the step in which we remove and counter sink any nails or staples in the facing of the wood floors.

Repairs- After clearing the floor, we do all types of hardwood floor repairs. This includes replacing existing damaged boards with reclaimed, undamaged, or new pieces of the exact same species, cut, grade and width of your existing wood flooring.

Dustless Sanding: Once we have replaced all the damaged hardwood flooring, if any, we get rid of the previous floor finish applied on your hardwood. We also use coarse sandpaper to get rid of previous stain, seal and finish from your floor. Sanding ensures that only a small amount of wood is lost during the refinishing process. The condition of your floor determines the extent of the sanding. This includes the existence of dents, deep scratches, and stains. We use a dustless hardwood floor sanding system to contain the dust, dirt, and wax before they become airborne. This will keep your house clean and free from debris.

Buffing: Buffing then done on your hardwood floor using a buffer attached to our dust containment system, pad driver, pad and abrasive screens that blends the remaining sanding marks from the different machines, making them virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Staining: After achieving a perfectly smooth floor, the staining process begins. We will first stain a small area on your floor to help you know if your chosen color meets your expectations. If you are  with the test sample, we will then proceed with staining the entire buffed floor. We always bring with us several stain colors, which gives us different color choices for your stain samples. This method ensures that you’re sure of the final outcome, instead of imagining and guessing the outcome by observing sample boards and stain charts.

Finishing: The final bit is applying coats of sealer, either a professional oil-based polyurethane or a residential grade or commercial grade water-based polyurethane finish on your stained hardwood floors. This process takes several days because of the different drying times. The drying time is determined by your choice of stain color, type of polyurethane (whether oil- or water-based), and the weather conditions. Before applying another coat, the hardwood floor will be buffed using an abrasive screen or an abrasive pad. The perimeter of the floors will also be hand-sanded to prepare in for the next coat. The finishing stage can take 1-2 days. Dustless sanding and refinishing hardwood floors have always been our area of expertise, and we have over 17 years of experience in providing our clients with dust-free floor restoration services. Enjoy professional advice and personalized services when refinishing your hardwood floors by considering our top-rated hardwood floor restoration services.


All hardwood floors should be thoroughly sanded before applying the final coats. The sanding process is a very involving procedure, especially if your floors are older with deep scratches and dents. Your floor may even need several sanding passes going from a rough to a fine grit sandpaper before it becomes completely smooth. The sanding process can get lots of dust in the air. These dust particles slow down the refinishing process or may even cause health problems to you and your family members. That is why you need dustless sanding services. Our hardwood restoration experts use dustless sanding systems to refinish hardwood floors. Below are the advantages of using our dustless wood floor sanding and refinishing service to restore your hardwood floors.

Less Mess- Dustless hardwood floor sanding drastically reduces the amount of debris and dust particles that are released into the air. The traditional sanding procedure leaves all your floors and equipment covered in dust after completing the sanding process. This means that you will have frequent cleanup stops before you can continue with the sanding process. On the other hand, our dustless sanding process saves you from this hassle, which also saves time in the long run.

Better Air Quality – We all know that too much debris and dust is not good for air quality. It does not matter how well ventilated your room is, the lingering dust produced during the traditional sanding process can lead to adverse health problems. For example, this dust might irritate individuals with allergies, asthma, or dust sensitivities. This dust is also unhealthy to specific populations, including young children and pregnant women, who are likely to experience adverse negative health effects. Our dustless wood floor sanding and restoration service will leave your hardwood floors clean without compromising the air quality.

Faster – Our dust-free hardwood floor restoration service leaves behind no dust to clean up, which makes the refinishing process shorter and more perfect. Our powerful and effective sanding equipment works in conjunction with our HEPA Certified dust extractors and our Bona Atomic Dust Containment System to capture and get rid of all the dust. Ordinary sanding systems leave behind lots of dust, which makes the restoration process longer. Our dustless sanding system gets the job done with only one attempt, eliminating the need to redo the finish.

Better Results- As mentioned above, our dustless hardwood sanding yields better results. Our procedure is more precise, smooth, and detailed. This increases the chances of getting a beautiful and smooth outcome. Since you will already be investing your time and money to restore your hardwood floors’ look, you would not want to compromise on quality.

Ecologically viable- With better air quality and energy efficiency, our dustless sanding system is more environmentally friendly than the regular sanding process. Apart from ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our services, we always strive to achieve an eco-friendly environment by using a dustless refinishing process. Moreover, restoring a hardwood Floor by doing repairs and sanding is also an eco-friendly way to offer our clients peace of mind.

Why you should Restore your Old Hardwood Floors

Restoring your old hardwood floors transforms the interior look of your home. Our experts will restore the richness of your hardwood floors by refinishing them, one step at a time. Restoring your hardwood floors should not only be about longevity and elegance of the floor, but you should also consider your health and hygiene.

Our locally owned company was started and still operates in Dallas, Texas. We have always maintained an unmatched customer service when delivering our services. We have been offering an unrivaled dust-free hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services locally in North Texas for over 20 years. We specialize in custom residential hardwood flooring, which is real wood or solid hardwood flooring. Our company does not deal with any other type of floors other than wood and hardwood floors. We can design a custom patterned floor with laser cut inlays, medallions, borders with corners, and any standard pattern in the world. We are professional hardwood flooring artisans who take pride in what we do by always remaining focused and paying attention to detail. We strive to deliver nothing less than precision. you want to learn more about our dustless sanding process and how we achieve smooth refinished hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries and clarifications. We believe that we all have various needs and preferences; that is why we treat all our clients equally and independently. Contact us today for dust-free hardwood floor refinishing services.

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