Before discussing the benefits of custom hardwood floors installation, solid hardwood floor installation, or real wood floors installation, it is important to define what real wood is.

Real wood can be defined as the hard-fibrous material formed from tree trunks, branches, or beneath the bark of trees. According to the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), wood flooring falls into three main categories. Our interest here is on solid wood flooring made using a solid piece of real wood (from top to bottom).

If you are in the market for new flooring, you may want to consider installing real, solid hardwood flooring over other types of flooring. Here are the main benefits of real, solid hardwood flooring in your home.

1. Health Benefits

If health is of utmost concern to you, solid hardwood floors are among the best floors to consider. While most people think of food and exercise when they think of health, floors in most homes are unsafe.

According to the EPA, hardwood floors improve indoor air quality since they don’t harbor allergens, microorganisms, or pesticides that can be carried from outdoors. Hardwood floors also reduce the accumulation of mold, dust, and animal dander, making the floors a healthier option.

Allergens are present everywhere. However, most are found outdoors i.e., mold spores and pollen. Some may be found indoors i.e., animal dander and dust mites. Most importantly, allergens are responsible for most, if not all, airborne allergy-related illnesses. Luckily, they can be minimized by using hardwood floors which are hypoallergenic.

While allergens cannot be controlled effectively, their impact indoors is controllable. For instance, frequent vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning can minimize indoor allergens. However, such activities can have a counterproductive effect. The best way of minimizing allergens is eliminating where they gather i.e., on carpeting and certain types of floors. Wood flooring has been proven to minimize the accumulation of allergens since the flooring does not have fibers for trapping allergens.

2. Increased home value

Health benefits aside, solid hardwood floor installation is a great way of increasing the value of your home. Why? Because hardwood floors are the #1 flooring choice according to realtors. Most realtors surveyed by the NWFA state that homes with hardwood floors sell for more and sell faster.

The same sentiments have been echoed by home buyers according to data by the NAR (National Association of Realtors). In a publication based on NAR data, most home buyers are willing to pay more for homes with hardwood flooring. Furthermore, hardwood flooring is important and usually expected in homes located in cooler to midrange climates.

In case you are wondering if the cost of installing hardwood flooring is worth it, hardwood flooring costs average from $3-$7 per square foot to buy and $6-$10 in installation costs per square foot. Homes increase in value by 3-5% just by installing hardwood floors. This is clearly a win-win for anyone looking to increase the value of their home.

The best reason to install hardwood flooring in your home is so that when you decide to sell your home, you can sell it for much more. The flooring is a great investment, even if you are not looking to sell. According to a recent NAR remodeling impact report, 68% of homeowners who install hardwood flooring enjoy their homes more. 79% have a great sense of accomplishment after completing real wood floors installation. In a nutshell, the value of hardwood flooring is way beyond an increased asking price.

There is also the ROI component. The ROI for hardwood flooring can be 70 to 80%. This is exciting, given an expenditure of $30,000 can translate to a return of over $20,000. This can add 5% to your home’s value. However, it does not matter how much you paid for your home. An ROI calculation is a great determinant when assessing whether it makes sense to install hardwood flooring simply for increasing the value of your home. If you are not planning to sell your home immediately, the ROI is bound to be higher.

Tax benefits can also translate to a higher selling price. Hardwood flooring is treated as a capital improvement that attracts a lower sales tax. While the amount of sales tax will vary depending on the jurisdiction, most states charge tax on hardwood flooring cost only translating to lower costs, which increases your profit on the asking price of your home.

Hardwood flooring also has a long-term tax benefit. As a capital improvement project, you stand to enjoy lower capital gains tax when you install hardwood flooring and sell your home. This benefit applies mainly to homeowners who own their homes for extended time periods accumulating larger capital gains in the process.

3. Increased life of floors

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly the oldest, most trusted types of floors. When solid hardwood floor installation is done properly and maintained well, it can last over a century. There are countless buildings today all over the world which have hardwood floors installed in the early 1900s, and the floors still look vibrant. The same cannot be said about other types of floors.

However, for hardwood floors to last for decades and still look great, several factors must be considered when purchasing, installing, finishing and maintaining the floors. To maximize the lifespan of hardwood flooring, you need to consider the color, board width, texture, rigidity, and type of finish. Some finishes can last for several years to a decade while others can last even longer. Solid hardwood flooring coupled with a high-quality finish can last a lifetime.

Installation is a critical factor. Poor installation can result in damages that lower the projected lifespan. To avoid this, you must choose seasoned hardwood flooring experts like us, to install your flooring. Besides causing avoidable damages caused by faulty, low-quality installations can lead to the flooring needing to be replaced. Seasoned flooring experts consider all factors from the condition of a room to the application before installing flooring, have the experience and knowledge of how to precisely install wood and hardwood flooring.

Maintenance also matters. Properly maintained floors will last an exceptionally long time. Luckily, hardwood floors require little maintenance. To preserve the appearance of wood and extend the floor lifespan, periodic maintenance is required. Hardwood floors are susceptible mostly to light and humidity. Direct exposure to sunlight can alter the color. Humidity can damage flooring by causing expansion resulting in unevenness. Wood is extremely sensitive to environmental changes. As a result, wooden flooring should be protected from random changes in moisture levels, heat, and sunlight. With minimal environmental changes, hardwood floors can last for decades without showing visible signs of aging.

You can also increase the life of your hardwood floor by refinishing, a much deeper maintenance process that restores hardwood flooring to its new state. While recoating is a cheaper way of restoring hardwood floors, it lasts for three to five years. Refinished hardwood floors can maintain a great look for 8 to 12 years, depending on factors like foot traffic. Recoating/refinishing is a great way of maximizing the lifespan of your hardwood floor while maintaining a great look.

4. Easy to clean

Hardwood flooring is also easy to clean. Real solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times (up to 7 times) without the need to replace them. The floors just need to be cleaned with the cleaner which the finish is designed to be cleaned with and a microfiber dust mop to maintain a great look. You do have the option to change the type finish or the color every time that the floors are sanded and refinished. In case of pet damage, water damage, or any other kind of damage, the floors can be repaired with ease.

Most importantly, if you choose flooring experts like us, you do not need to worry about dust when sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors. Our wood and hardwood floors sanding is 99.8% DUST FREE!

Important: The benefits of hardwood flooring discussed above can only be realized when dealing with high-quality flooring and flooring experts. For instance, while hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home by up to 15%, this increase isn’t guaranteed if you don’t choose high-quality flooring and hardwood flooring experts to install and maintain the flooring for you perfectly.

Also, the health benefits of hardwood flooring discussed above cannot be enjoyed if you seek hardwood flooring sanding services that aren’t dust-free. Dust created from sanding hardwood flooring is carcinogenic as per the IARC.

You need true experts like us every step of the way from installing to maintaining your hardwood floors. We specialize in custom hardwood floor installation. We can design and install any wood pattern, species, cut, grade, or width of hardwood flooring. We also offer water damage replacement, dustless sanding, and refinishing of all types of hardwood and wood floors.

We have 20+ years of experience offering unmatched hardwood flooring services. We have invested in dustless containment systems, refinishing and sanding equipment so that you don’t engage in DIY sanding projects and rule out the health benefits of hardwood floors.

Our maintenance services include sanding, refinishing, re-coating, cleaning, polishing, waxing and buffing to ensure your hardwood floors last a lifetime looking as good as new. If you wish to boost the value of your home or enjoyment, call true professionals like us who are BBB accredited, members of the NWFA, a Bona Certified Craftsman Company and have over 35 years of experience.  The results of solid hardwood floor installation aren’t guaranteed if you don’t work with the best.

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