Overview: Why is real, solid wood and hardwood flooring restoration and installation critical?

The demand for hardwood flooring material today outweighs the supply by far. This is true for the U.S. and everywhere else globally. There will be time in the future where hardwood will not be available at all or will be too expensive and reserved for the super-wealthy.

The importance of maintaining existing hardwood flooring cannot be over emphasized. The same applies to getting your favorite hardwood flooring installed. If you dream of hardwood flooring, this is the time to install it.

Hardwood flooring is a priceless addition to any home. It adds unmatched value and warmth to homes. These benefits last a lifetime considering the flooring can be sanded and refinished several times (up to 7 times when sanded and refinished by professionals) before there is need to replace it.

The best hardwood flooring companies like Deep Reflections Hardwood that use the highest quality finishes available today can make your floors last for 25-30 years, looking impeccable with very little maintenance.

You can go for up to three decades without the need to sand or refinish your hardwood floor again if you choose experts. So, if you have ever wanted real, solid hardwood and wood flooring, the time is now! As supply becomes limited and costs increase, you may not be able to get the hardwood floor that you have always wanted. What’s more, you will miss the opportunity to increase your home value significantly in the future without having to do much. If you want to get a higher selling price for your home (should you decide to sell in the future), get your hardwood floors installed as soon as possible.

Real, solid wood and hardwood flooring options

If you choose a company like Deep Reflections Hardwood, you will enjoy a variety of wood floor installation options ranging from installation of wooden floors, installation of hardwood floors, custom hardwood floors installation and more. Deep Reflections can install custom patterns, medallions, inlays, directional installations width borders, and more. There is no real, solid wood or hardwood flooring options we can’t offer you, including installing random hardwood species installation and random width installations.

Advantages of real, solid wood and hardwood floor installation

There are countless reasons to install hardwood flooring in your home. The most notable include;

I. To enhance the beauty, elegance, and value of your home

Wood floors add elegance to homes. The beauty of natural wood comes with an unexplained aesthetic value that people are willing to spend money for. Wood floors also make homes warmer. If you want to be drawn to your home, increase the elegance, and make your home more inviting, get hardwood floors installed. What is more, the ROI of hardwood flooring is unmatched by any other types of floors. Home buyers happily spend more on homes with hardwood floors than those with carpets or other types of floors.

II. Low maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, hardwood floors are the easiest to clean. Provided they are maintained by professionals and kept free of dirt buildup, the floors just need to be swept and wiped with a microfiber dust mop and the proper cleaner to make them look great for decades. In fact, they are better than carpets in this regard, considering carpets must be vacuumed and washed frequently. Hardwood floors don’t harbor pet dander and dust mites like carpets. Also, if you ever spill something, a simple wipe is enough.

III. Unmatched strength and durability

Solid hardwood floors are known for their resilience and lifetime service. These are among the main reasons why people prefer the floors over other types. While hardwood floors are not immune to dents and scratches, they aren’t easily damaged.

If you choose a hardwood flooring company like Deep Reflections to install a high-quality finish, your hardwood flooring can last decades without showing visible signs of wear and tear. Hiring experienced hardwood flooring companies is a big part of getting the best out of the durability and strength of hardwood floors.

IV. Better indoor air quality

As mentioned above, carpets and other types of floors harbor animal dander, pollen, dust, particulate matter, among other common allergens. It is worth noting that vacuuming doesn’t guarantee clean carpets. You need the best vacuum cleaners (HEPA) to be assured vacuuming eliminates all harmful elements in your carpet. Hardwood flooring is a better option if indoor air quality is of utmost concern i.e., in households with allergen sufferers.

V. Universal compatibility with any decor theme

Another reason you should have hardwood floors installed is because they will go with all decor themes. Hardwood flooring is versatile. It adapts to just about every interior decor theme. The flooring will look good regardless of your current wall art, mirrors, decorative accents, and any other decor element in your home.

Most importantly, the flooring will not clash with anything. You also have many shades, species, and colors of hardwood to choose from. Real wood comes with natural patterns that do not repeat often and create decor mismatches. The flooring offers natural beauty available in many swirls, shades, and grains that offer unique character in every home. No two real hardwood floors look the same.

VI. Cost effective

Contrary to popular belief, hardwood flooring is cost-effective in the long run. It may be costly to buy initially compared to other floors, but it can last a lifetime. The same cannot be said with other floors. In fact, when you consider the cost of changing other types of flooring several times in a lifetime, hardwood flooring is actually cheaper.

Provided you seek professional maintenance and restoration services, you never have to install real solid wood flooring twice in your lifetime without compromising anything from the aesthetic appeal to ROI benefits.

VII. Refinishing benefits

Even if your hardwood floors start looking dull or gets some scratches, you do not need to remove it. Hardwood flooring can be refinished to regain its original new look. Once carpets or tiles are old, they must be replaced.

Refinishing of hardwood floors comes with huge cost benefits. It also gives you the chance to have a new-looking floor without spending a lot of money. Refinishing also allows homeowners to change the stain/color of their flooring.

VIII. Anti-fading benefits when compared to carpets

While many homeowners view carpets as a quick and cost-effective option, carpets lose their luster with time. Their color changes as they wear and tear. It is also impossible to remove every single stain. Hardwood flooring does not have this problem. The aesthetics can always be improved by seeking professional hardwood flooring restoration services.

IX. Better acoustics

Lastly, hardwood flooring has better acoustics that other floors i.e. laminate that are hollow sounding or produce vibrations with foot traffic. For a peaceful and quiet home, hardwood flooring comes highly recommended. The same applies to applications that are sensitive on acoustics i.e., dance studio floors.

Why choose us, Deep Reflections, for all your hardwood and wooden floor installation needs in Dallas, Texas?

Now that it is clear why you should consider hardwood floors over any other types of floors available today, let us shift our focus on why you shouldn’t choose just any hardwood flooring company in Dallas, Texas. Deep Reflections is your #1 company for all your solid hardwood flooring needs because:

We are true specialists

Deep Reflections Hardwood is not the typical jack-of-all-trades flooring company. We handle solid wood and hardwood flooring only. We have dedicated decades to mastering hardwood floors, which is why we are able to handle everything there is to handle about installing, finishing, refinishing or maintaining hardwood floors among any other hardwood flooring service imaginable.

Unmatched variety of hardwood flooring to choose from

We can provide any hardwood cut, grade, species, width, and pattern imaginable. There are no limits to the kind of hardwood floor you can get for your home if you choose us. We can do everything, including custom hardwood floors installation that matches the needs of the most demanding customer. In fact, we love clients who do not settle for anything but the best.

21+ years of experience

Deep Reflections has been offering all manner of hardwood flooring services for decades. We aren’t a typical flooring startup keen on cashing in on a highly sought-after service. We have invested our time and achieved priceless experience. There is nothing Deep Reflections can’t handle in regard to hardwood flooring. Try Us TODAY!

Accredited by the top hardwood flooring organizations. Highly rated co.

Deep Reflections is BBB-accredited. We are highly rated for maintaining the highest industry standards. Deep Reflections is also an NWFA-member and a Bona Certified Craftsman Co. We are also a 5-star hardwood flooring company with verifiable customer reviews to prove it.

Dustless hardwood flooring services

You are assured of receiving healthy hardwood flooring services if you chose us. Our hardwood flooring sanding services are 99.8% dust-free. Unlike other companies, we will not leave carcinogenic wood dust all over your home! We have invested over $500,000 in the most advanced equipment (dust extraction & dust containment systems), among other hardwood flooring installation, sanding, refinishing and maintenance equipment and products.

Bonded and insured

We are also bonded and insured. There is nothing to trouble you when you hire Deep Reflections. In case of any eventuality, our customers are protected.

10-year warranty, 100% customer satisfaction

We trust ourselves and the services we offer so much that we guarantee customer satisfaction 100% and offer a limited 10-year transferable warranty on our hardwood installation and finishing services.

What more can a client ask for in a hardwood floor installation company in North Texas?

CALL 214-553-1577 NOW, Email: deepreflections@gmail.com for a FREE non-obligatory quote.

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