One of the most important parts of any home is the flooring, and one of the best features you can possibly offer any building is the installation of high-quality hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors represent the highest standard in durability and aesthetics, avoiding the long-term trouble that alternatives like carpet can cause and offering a superior look for every environment. However, it’s still possible to have hardwood floors that suffer damage over time, or to suffer through a contractor who performs a poor installation job that poses unfortunate issues for your home. At Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company, we seek to offer you hardwood floor repair services that will leave your floors more pristine than ever before. Although hardwood floors are prized for their durability and longevity, it’s still quite possible to end up dealing with a number of unfortunate issues with your flooring. One of the most common and destructive problems is water damage. Whether you deal with an unfortunately moist environment or you’ve had the displeasure of experiencing flooding, excessive water can cause hardwood floors to buckle. This warping process takes away from the even texture and smooth uniformity that makes hardwood such a prized option, and there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing the results of this damage emerge over time. However, the sooner you call an expert to deal with these results, the more easily they can be fixed so that your floor looks as good as ever. Whether the problem is minor or major, Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors offers the expertise to properly repair wood floors that have suffered from water damage. With our thorough expertise in various issues with flooring, we can determine the root cause of the problem if necessary and fix the damage it may have wreaked. We know you care about the environment in which you live or work, and we want to make sure that any work we do is as long-lasting and thoroughly helpful as possible. Of course, water damage is far from the only possible issue that could be plaguing your hardwood floor installation. Regular wear and tear can cause issues of its own, particularly if heavy furniture or equipment has been continually dragged across the hardwood. Our dust-free sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors can take care of many problems with the finish of your flooring without causing abrasions of its own. These processes are more efficient than some more traditional sanding, and also keep the air in your home healthier and the environment of your home cleaner without introducing unnecessary particles and dust. Some problems may be more deeply rooted, like floors that are creaking when they shouldn’t be. Many issues with hardwood floors that may seem like nothing more than annoyances can actually be symptoms of more deeply rooted problems, and Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors has the knowledge and expertise in hardwood floors repair to seek out and identify these trouble spots. Our diagnostics are as thorough as our repairs, and we believe in keeping all of our customers fully informed throughout the process so that they truly understand the work that we’re doing. As an accredited member of the BBB with a stellar A+ rating, a Bona Certified Craftsman Company, and a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, we’re confident that our record speaks to the quality of the work that we do. We’ve been in business for over two decades, and all of that time has been spent perfecting a craft and delivering it to customers. Our work in the cities of Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Fairview, Lucas, Carrollton, Allen, Southlake, Westlake, Highland Park, University Park, Coppell, Flower Mound, Irving and far north Dallas has given us a reputation and track record in Texas that speaks for itself. With the full experience necessary to perform upfront hardwood floor installations, our repair services can go as far as they need to when the situation calls for it. We can replace parts of your floor or install new flooring when the situation is properly beyond repair, and we’ll always make sure that the integration is fully seamless. Rest assured, however, that we don’t believe in charging our clients for things they don’t need, so we’ll never try to sell you on an unnecessary installation when a simpler repair will do. We firmly believe in honesty, transparency, and providing the best value and experience for all of our customers. Of course, if you do want to employ more thorough services, our business offerings extend beyond everything that we do in our repair work. If you’re looking for an entirely new hardwood floor installation, we’re equally ready to bring that to your home or any construction. We’re experienced in installations big and small in almost any style you can imagine, and we’re confident that the installation services we offer are equal to the high-quality standards we set for our repairs. If what you truly want to avoid is those unnecessary repairs down the line, look no further than Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors. We also offer thorough maintenance options, which also alleviate the possibility that you’ll need to fully repair hardwood floors that suffer damage over time. No matter what you’re looking for, if it has to do with hardwood floors, it’s likely that we have the expertise to give you the help that you need. Are you interested in the Dallas, Texas area hardwood floor repair services that we have to offer? Whether you’re unsure of the problem or you know exactly what needs to be done to have your floors looking like new, we at Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company are ready and excited to hear from you about your needs. You can give us a call at (214) 553-1577, email us at, or fill out the convenient and easy-to-use contact form on our website if you’re interested in talking to us. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also offer free quotes on all of our services, as we’re confident in the value and transparency of the services that we can provide. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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