The versatility, elegance, and natural beauty of hardwood floors has made it a prevalent flooring choice for most homeowners. In addition to its aesthetic nature, hardwood flooring also reduces dust, debris, and other allergens associated with using carpets without having the cold feeling of using tiles.

To enjoy all these benefits associated with hardwood floors, you need a clean, polished, and good-looking hardwood floor in your home. A well-maintained hardwood floor can create a perfect living space, setting an ideal tone for your living room. A well-maintained hardwood floor can also increase your house’s value if you ever think of selling it or relocating. Indeed, maintaining hardwood floors is something you cannot avoid. To some homeowners, cleaning and polishing their hardwood floors usually seem like a hassle, and more so time-consuming. However, consistent wood floor maintenance can help keep your floors looking pristine, and make them last longer.

Besides being among the most popular flooring trends among homeowners, most people do not know what maintenance of wood floors entails. Maintaining your hardwood floor is easy once you know the best Hardwood floors maintenance practices. Keep reading to get information on how to maintain your hardwood floors, the advantages of maintaining them, and why you should hire Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company to maintain and restore the existing finish of your hardwood floors

How to maintain your hardwood floors

A simple cleaning routine is the main ingredient for long-lasting hardwood floors. However, you will still have pivotal instances for major maintenance; that is when you need to call on the experts. Below are three types of maintenance routines for your hardwood floors.

Types of Hardwood Maintenance

Daily maintenance – ease of the daily cleaning and maintenance routine is one of the main reasons why wood floors are so popular. You can quickly clean your floors daily using a soft broom or vacuum cleaner with a protective bristle attachment. Avoid over waxing or using wet mops; these two are not only messy but can also cause discoloration or even dull the shine of your hardwood floors. Also, avoid using tile floor or vinyl products on your wood flooring. These products may damage the finish of your wood floor.

Preventative Maintenance – Preventive maintenance will keep your wood floors looking at their best. Preventative maintenance is convenient for individuals living in sandy and dusty areas. Preventive maintenance can be done by purchasing small area rugs or a few doormats to reduce dirt, grit, and debris from being carried into the home. This will not only keep your home cleaner but will also help in avoiding scratches on your wood floors. Other preventative measures include using humidifiers during dry spells, cleaning spills before they stain, lifting – instead of dragging furniture, and not wearing cleats, heels, and other impact prone shoes in the house.

Professional Cleaning & Maintenance- After some time, your hardwood floor will start to look a bit dull and scratched.  This is a sign that you need a quick refresh, which will leave it looking new again. A while ago, refinishing wood floors was a major ordeal, but fortunately, those years are gone! Nowadays, wood floor refinishing is as easy as cleaning your carpet- in fact, we can handle all of your wood floor cleaning needs with merely one call. Our professional and certified wood floor cleaning services are suitable for any of the following situations and conditions:

·Dull finishes

·Heel marks and Scratches

·Cloudy floors due to built-up wax

·Irritating Noise when walking

·Holes, Cuts, or stains

·Other floor problems

Advantages of maintaining your hardwood floors

Below are the benefits of cleaning, buffing, and polishing your hardwood floors regularly:

#1: Keeps floors looking good and beautiful for longer – Maintaining your hardwood floors regularly will significantly extend the life expectancy of your floor.  Your floor will also retain its beauty without spending loads of cash on maintenance.  Some things that some homeowners are not aware of are that wood and hardwood will contract when the humidity is too dry (-35% relative humidity).  When this occurs, you will begin to notice separation between the planks over time and hardwood flooring will start to expand when the humidity is too high (above 55% relative humidity) you will begin to notice the swelling or cupping of the floor.  It is recommended that you try to keep the humidity level in your home between 35% and 55% constantly, regardless of the season.  Cleaning and polishing wood regularly helps to reduce the signs and effects of wear and tear, ensuring that your hardwood floors retain their shine and beauty.

 #2: Saves on repair costs – Even though maintenance also needs finances, you should consider it as an investment.  Maintaining your hardwood floors is far less expensive than replacing or refinishing the entire floor.  This makes hiring our hardwood floor cleaning experts a necessary expense to retain a great looking and feeling.  Ignoring regular maintenance will allow dirt, dust, and grime to accumulate on your floor.  After a while, you will need to spend a lot on sanding and refinishing in the future.

#3: Wellness and comfort – The other benefit is simply the look and feel of clean hardwood floors.  We all know how uncomfortable it is to walk or play on dirty or scratched Hardwood floors.  Scratched floors are also more likely to build up dust, dirt, and bacteria that could potentially pose health problems to your loved ones and pets.  Cleaning your hardwood floors regularly will make your home feel more comfortable.

#4: Hardwood Floors Need Special Care – Your home is an Asset. You spent a fair amount of capital on building or purchasing your home. This means that your home needs topmost care to maintain its value. If your home has hardwood floors, ensure that you consider this.  Hardwood floors need special care.  Dirt and debris can easily damage your floors in many ways, which is why you must clean your hardwood floor. Furthermore, ensure that you only used products meant for hardwood floors. Soap, Sunlight, chemicals, and water can severely damage your hardwood floor.  Hardwood floors can easily get damaged if you are not aware of what you are doing, thus the need for floor cleaning experts.

Benefits of hiring our professional hardwood floor cleaning experts.

Hiring a certified hardwood floor maintenance company to clean your hardwood floors has several benefits.  The biggest and the obvious one is that it will retain the beauty of your floor for longer. Moreover, your floors will also be strong and sturdy. Like any structure or appliance, hardwood floors are destroyed by dirt, grime, and liquid spills, which weaken the floor structure and significantly decrease its lifespan.  Having your floors cleaned regularly by our experienced experts will get rid of all the excess dust, dirt, grime, and moisture, keeping your floors strong and beautiful.  Other advantages of hiring professionals to clean your hardwood floors include:

Lightens Your Load – Hiring our hardwood-cleaning experts reduces the pressure of maintaining your hardwood floors. Running and maintaining a home is not easy, especially if you are still juggling your career and family obligations. By contacting our Hardwood floors maintenance experts, you can rest assured that your home would no longer be neglected because of your busy schedule. You will also have more time to focus on your career and spend with your family. Hiring Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company to take care of your flooring needs saves your time; while still relieve your stress by knowing that your hardwood floor is being taken care of properly and professionally.

Expertise, Equipment and Training – Imagine trying to maintain your hardwood floors look using a chemical cleaner only for the cleaner to end up destroying your floor.  Sounds horrendous, right? Well, at Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company, we have the proper expertise of cleaning hardwood floors.  We know that every hardwood floor is different and thus the need for different care. Our expert cleaners know how to choose different equipment for different floor types.  Hiring our professionals to clean and maintain your hardwood floors will enhance the floor strength and look, leaving it looking amazing after getting rid of all the scuffs, scrapes, scuffs, and deep stains.

Your Hardwood Floors Will Be in Safe Hands – Using the wrong methods or cleaning supplies to clean your hardwood floors can damage your floors, leaving them with a dull coating or deep scratches that are hard to remove.  Our professional hardwood floor technicians only use the recommended hardwood floor cleaning supplies.  This guarantees safety when working with any of your specific floors, considering any pristine coatings or finishes that have been applied to your hardwood floors.  Instead of trying to clean your floors with harsh or abrasive cleaners, hire us today for a gentle and effective hardwood floor-maintenance routine.

A Healthier Family – After some time, dander, pet hair, pollen, dust mites, and other allergens tend to accumulate on your hardwood floors and between the floorboards. Getting a professional deep clean will eliminate all these toxins from your hardwood floors, keeping your home safe and healthy for your family.  For those with frequent asthma and allergy issues, hiring a professional to clean floors will make a huge difference.  Our wood flooring service will also keep your crawling kids safe from infections.

At Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors, we use a specially formulated technique that gets rids of wear and tear effects, keeping your floors clean and shiny longer. Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company has been installing, sanding, maintaining, refinishing, replacing, repairing and restoring hardwood floors for over 21 years. We specialize in residential wood and hardwood floors. Contact us today to set up a free hardwood floor maintenance or consultation session.

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