Since the 1600s, hardwood floors have been America’s most elegant floors. While most homes have carpets and rugs today, hardwood floors are on every home owner’s wish list. In 2018 alone, Americans spent $3.52 billion on hardwood floors. Those who manage to buy and install hardwood floors enjoy many advantages from health benefits and large varieties to increased home value. Hardwood floors offer an incredibly unique, classic, and timeless look all in one.

However, like everything else, the flooring has had some unique challenges. On the top of list of cons of hardwood floors is potentially hazardous wood dust produced when sanding and refinishing the flooring traditionally. Wood dust has been proven to be carcinogenic.

While hardwood floors will last for decades, they need maintenance and upkeep after a few months, years or decades to maintain their look. Sanding and refinishing is the solution to many hardwood floor maintenance issues i.e., getting rid of scratches, stains, removing the old finish, dustless sanding, preparing your hardwood floors to be either stained with the color of choice and brand of choice, or applying a natural sealer to achieve a natural color of the wood, sealing and finishing with the finish, sheen, brand of choice and the knowledge of the expected life span of each finish available. We work with each client one at a time and give them time to consider all their options to determine what is best for them.

 The problem with traditional sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors

If you have ever attempted to sand and refinish your own hardwood floor traditionally, you understand the health risks and challenges involved. To sand and refinish hardwood floors traditionally, you must protect your entire house from dust. This involves covering everything with dust bags. Even so, you will still be left with fine dust in your home that requires days of cleaning up.

You also need to get safety equipment like a dust mask to protect yourself from wood dust. Even if you hire someone to do the sanding and refinishing for you, wood dust particles can remain suspended days after sanding. What’s more, you must vacate your home for a while for the sanding to be done.

The solution: Dustless sanding and refinishing

What is dustless sanding of hardwood floors?

Dustless sanding is a sanding process that eliminates 99.8% of dust produced when sanding hardwood floors. The process eliminates the dangers and tedious processes associated with sanding hardwood flooring. During dustless sanding, 99.8% of the resulting dust is captured and contained as opposed to being released into the air.

While dustless sanding isn’t 100% dust free, it is the safest and easiest way to sand hardwood flooring today. To ensure the least dust is released, a superior dust control system must be used.

What is refinishing of hardwood floors?

To refinish hardwood flooring, you need to sand the floor. Refinishing involves sanding the floor several times finer and finer to achieve the look of raw hardwood again. After refinishing, you can choose to stain the floor, use Rubio, Magic Oil, Bona Craft Oil, Bona Nordic Sealer or go with natural. There are many stain, sealer and oil color options that can help you achieve just about any hardwood flooring look you want when you work with our experts. Most floors need a full sanding and refinishing unless the hardwood floor is in great shape.

Dustless sanding and refinishing

It’s now clear that both processes (sanding and refinishing) produce dust. To avoid health risks and cleaning challenges, it’s important to request for dustless sanding and refinishing services.

Is the process 100% Dustless or Dust Free?

Dustless sanding and refinishing services vary depending on many factors, the most notable being the company offering the service.

While sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors cannot be a 100% dustless affair, the team at Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company can guarantee 99.8% dustless services. The production of dust during the sanding and refinishing process is inevitable. However, with our great equipment and sanding and refinishing professionals, the resulting will be that the dust is captured and disposed of safely and properly.

Sanding and refinishing equipment may vary; however, the best machines are designed to suck wood dust into a containment system as opposed to releasing it. The machines work by creating negative pressure.

Dustless sanding & refinishing is the best option for individuals with dust allergy, asthma, among other respiratory challenges. Considering wood dust is carcinogenic, dustless sanding and refinishing should be the new standard for every household with hardwood floors.

What is sandless refinishing?

The term sandless refinishing is used interchangeably with other terms like dustless refinishing. As the name suggests, sandless refinishing doesn’t involve sanding. It involves brief buffing before a clear coat is added. On its own, sandless refinishing doesn’t allow the color of hardwood flooring to be changed. As a result, it’s not a solution when a floor has changed color or has scratches or damage that goes through the color.

Most people seek sandless refinishing services as such services allude to the fact that they don’t involve wood dust and the troubles that come with it. However, what most fail to realize is sandless refinishing will not get the job done. A full sanding must be done unless the floor is in good shape.

Dustless sanding & refinishing equipment

In case you are wondering how hardwood floors are sanded and refinished without releasing dust into the atmosphere, you need to understand the dustless systems in use. As far as equipment is concerned, the best dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood flooring is possible because of two sets of equipment namely:

i. Dust evacuation systems

As the name suggests, dust evacuation systems focus on removing wood dust when sanding. They feature hoses connected to powerful vacuum systems. Dust evacuation systems are large scale in nature. They are either housed in a truck or trailer and set up outside a building during sanding or hospital grade HEPA filtered Dust Extractors which work inside of your home or both.

ii. Dust containment systems

These systems are smaller in nature. They are portable and remain inside a home during sanding. They still get rid of wood dust using hoses.

Dust evacuation and dust containment systems are both easier and more efficient than traditional sanding.

In regard to the effectiveness, dust evacuation systems are better because they utilize a more powerful vacuum that removes all suspended dust particles from the home. The best hardwood flooring contractors have both systems ready for use, depending on the job at hand.

Benefits of dustless sanding and refinishing over traditional sanding and refinishing

Whether you choose dust evacuation systems or dust containment systems, both come with notable benefits over traditional processes. The most notable benefits include:

1. Dust Free indoors

Dustless sanding and refinishing eliminates airborne wood dust getting rid of deadly health risks ranging from allergies to cancer.

2. Better results

Dustless hardwood sanding and refinishing offers a much better finishing environment. While dust can be cleaned after sanding and refinishing hardwood floors traditionally, suspended dust can take days to settle. When such dust falls on wet coating of finish, it compromises the result. This is the reason why traditional sanding and refinishing never looks perfect. The absence of dust in the process ensures the floor coating dries perfectly free of wood dust.

3. Protects your hardwood flooring investment

Since hardwood floors are more costly than most floors, they must be maintained correctly to retain their beauty and value. Dustless sanding and refinishing is the best way to do this. Traditional sanding and refinishing can never offer a perfect result because of the presence of dust days after the floor is sanded.

What is more, a proper dustless sanding and refinishing job can extend the life of your hardwood flooring for decades. Remember, most people seek sanding and refinishing services to keep their hardwood floors looking great. Poor services can shorten the life of your flooring.

4. Faster services and no cleaning costs

Did you know that dustless sanding and refinishing services take less time than traditional sanding and refinishing services? Sanding and refinishing process that let dust escape into the atmosphere involve tedious and time-consuming cleanup processes. Thorough house cleaning is not necessary if the sanding process doesn’t release any dust.

You don’t need to hire a general cleaning company weeks after sanding and refinishing your floor because your counter-tops and furniture keep accumulating dust. Dustless sanding takes less time and effort than standard sanding processes.

Choosing a dustless sanding and refinishing company for your hardwood flooring

While dustless sanding and refinishing services are superior, the level of service depends on the company you choose to work with. Like anything else, different sanding and refinishing companies offer different levels of service. The main determinant is usually the experience of the company in question, their professionalism, and their equipment. We are unmatched in all these aspects.

We have invested in high-tech dust containment systems. Our sanding & refinishing equipment are by far the best currently on the market. For the past 21+ years, we’ve invested in the latest equipment to guarantee safe and hustle free hardwood flooring maintenance services. We also have some of the best dustless sanding and refinishing professionals in the business.

There are many self-proclaimed dustless sanders in the market today that fail to live up to their promises. We are among the few companies with a solid reputation, offering truly Dustless or Dust Free sanding and refinishing. For concrete proof on our professionalism, we are a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating. We also have NWFA membership (membership in the most respected hardwood flooring association) and we are a Bona Certified Craftsman Company.

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