Let’s be honest with ourselves for just a few seconds and realize the seriousness of the health hazards of wood dust. This is a link to the OSHA official website so we can go directly to the source of accurate data;


We know for a fact that wood dust is a complete disaster in your home and we have created the virtual and actual DUST FREE sanding and refinishing environment with years and years of using the state of the art and most powerful dust containment and dust extraction research to proudly Guarantee our sanding and refinishing to be 99.9% DUST FREE, we stand behind two of our famous finishes with a limited 10 year transferable warranty and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. The team at Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors are Certified Craftsman, truly professional, true to our trade as we work with wood and hardwood floors as our primary and sole trade. Professionalism, exceptional customer service, pride of ownership, Expert knowledge and top of the line equipment is what Deep Reflections Hardwood stands for and what differentiates us from the competition.

When we started on our mission to complete this task, our very first priority was to control the dust which was being created during the sanding process. Which meant we had to try each and every piece of new technology in the industry. As we all know, technology has come a very long way in a very short period of time, with the advances in modern technologically advanced hospital grade, HEPA Certified filtration systems and powerful dust containment is state of the art and should be the state of the industry. We believe that it is our duty, from the very beginning until the job is complete that your home shall be kept DUST FREE at all times, there should be no, absolutely zero clean up to do afterwards, your walls are just as clean as when we started and there is absolutely zero dust residue of any sort in your HVAC system. We treat your home as if it were our own with respect to preserving the cleanliness and preventing any further work required. Our clients have said that if they were not there, they would have never known that we were there except now, their hardwood floors are a showpiece in their homes. This is why we do what we do, to make installing, replacing, repairing, sanding, finishing, refinishing or maintaining your wood or hardwood floors easier and more convenient that ever before and to give the industry a new standard of practice. We work with our hands, we work with your minds and we work with our hearts. We are Artists, wood flooring artists providing the only true definition of perfection at Deep Reflections.

Our clients deserve the absolute best, the finest of everything nice in the industry. From trends, flare, style, creative, inspirational, three dimensional, laser cut inlays, medallions, laser cut borders, laser cut border corners to match the borders, patterned wood floors such as Bordeaux, Brittany Canterbury, Herringbone, Fontainebleu, Jeffersonian, Louvre, Marie Antoinette, Monticello, Rhombs, Saxony and parquet patterns. All of these made from your favorite species, your design, your signature and your style. Our expert staff is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, very qualified, seasoned and professional.

This is our career, our sweat, blood, tears, hearts and souls which we put into our work to deliver our artistic, iconic and legendary real wood floors that will last a lifetime or longer with very little maintenance and are very, very easy to keep clean. We take the health of our clients, our clients children, our clients pets and our team members very seriously. Not only do we ensure that all would be airborne wood dust is contained, we only use Bona Craft Oil 2K, Bona water based sealers, Bona water based finishes which are all VOC compliant, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and do not off gas like the vast majority of other sealers and finishes which in turn leaves you with absolutely stunning hardwood floors, no dust to inhale or have to clean up and no hazardous or toxic fumes to inhale when the work is complete. Many people do not realize that the majority of hardwood floor finishes will off-gas with toxic fumes for 30 to 60 days after the finish has cured completely which is one more reason to make the smart decision to hire Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors for your next hardwood flooring or wood flooring project. We are here for you, please feel free to contact us at any time regarding scheduling a date and time for your free in home estimate or if you have any questions or concerns in regards to planning the timing of the project. We would be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company
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