Dustless Sanding/Refinishing of Hardwood and Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is bound to get scratches and become dull after a while. Some hardwood floors get scratched and become dull faster than others depending on factors like foot traffic, type of finishing, type of wood, etc. All in all, scratches and dullness is inevitable.

To return hardwood flooring to its original glory, it needs sanding/refinishing. Hardwood floors can take 7 complete sanding and refinishing jobs in a lifetime. Other types of wood flooring can be sanded and refinished severally depending on factors like the thickness of the wood.  The actual wear layer.

What is hardwood floor sanding and refinishing?

Hardwood floor sanding is the process of removing worn areas, dents, bruises and scratches from hardwood floors by sanding down the top layer of the hardwood floor and applying a custom color either in stain, Bona Craft Oil 2K, Bona Nordic Sealer, or in it’s true natural color.  You have the option of color and type of color, sealer and finish.

While the process restores hardwood floors perfectly to a brand-new state, processes like sanding produce a lot of dust when done traditionally. While homeowners love the outcome of Dust Free hardwood floor sanding and refinishing, some decide to use a company which does not have dust containment capability, such as ours and they hate the fine layer of dust left in their home’s, especially after weeks, months, and sometimes years after thorough cleaning.

That is where dustless sanding/refinishing of hardwood and wood flooring comes in very handy! It is possible to have your hardwood flooring or wood flooring restored completely with NO DUST created during the sanding of your floors.

With dustless sanding/refinishing, it is possible to sand your hardwood floor without leaving any trace of dust in your home. This comes with many benefits.

Benefits of dust-free sanding and refinishing

1. No airborne dust or debris to clean up after the work has been completed

Sanding hardwood floors conventionally results in a mess. A superfine layer of dust is bound to settle on anything that is not covered from furniture and carpeting to open storage and clothing. The dust also manages to penetrate underneath doors and reach rooms that have not been worked on.

This is precisely why traditional hardwood floor sanding requires tedious preparation, such as removing furniture and other objects in every room of your home. The preparation may also include covering vents and doorways to keep dust off adjacent rooms. One uncovered vent can circulate dust through the entire home via a HVAC system spreading dust to the entire home. The preparation work for typical hardwood floor sanding is tedious and time-consuming. Let us not even mention the work involved after sanding and refinishing the floor.

That’s where dust free sanding and refinishing comes in handy. Instead of covering your home entirely with sheets and clothes and still getting dust all over, you should seek dust free sanding and refinishing wood floor services.

Such services ensure there is no airborne debris or dust to clean up after the sanding and refinishing is completed. There is no need to worry about covering furniture and other objects in your house or sealed rooms leaking dust. However, since services may vary from one sanding and refinishing hardwood floor company to another, it is important to work with a company proven to offer exceptional dust free sanding and refinishing hardwood floor services.

We have the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems on the market. We also have state of the art equipment that ensures we offer 99.9% dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors. We have invested over 17 years in the R&D in dust containment and dust extraction.

Our equipment can work on all types of hardwood floors at any angle without repositioning or lifting. Our sanding equipment is also fitted with long vacuum hoses that suck the smallest dust particles and debris directly from the piece of sanding equipment, removing all sanding with dust that ends up suspended in the air and scattered in your home. Most importantly, we have invested in Dust Extraction systems that do not reintroduce dust particles into the air, which eliminates the need for cleaning up after we are done sanding.

2. Completely smooth finishing with no imperfections

Dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors also guarantees completely smooth finishes with no imperfections. It’s worth noting that imperfections on wooden floors are largely due to airborne dust and debris landing on the floor finish before it dries up.

Dustless sanding keeps the work area spotlessly clean (free of dust) and improves the results of a sanding and refinishing job. If you want impeccable hardwood flooring sanding and refinishing, dustless services are the only way to go

Typical hardwood floor sanding involves the use of small sanding machines for the edges, sandpaper, large sanding machine for large surfaces, buffers etc… While the results may be acceptable, they do not conform to curves and details perfectly. That is where dust-free sanders come in handy. They offer unmatched control when sanding hardwood or wood strip, plank, wide plank and patterned flooring.  They are designed to allow dustless sanding on challenging surfaces without letting any speck of dust and debris escape.

While dust falling in wet finish is responsible for most imperfections, working against the grain is also a problem as it leaves cross-grain marks that are impossible to hide even with a fresh coat of color. This is precisely why you need true professionals like us who are also artisans of wooden floors to handle your dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors.We have 30+ years of experience offering impeccable hardwood flooring sanding and refinishing services. We’ve invested in the best dust containment systems, sanding, and refinishing equipment on the market today. Forget about “dust-free” sanders that don’t live up to expectations. DIY hardwood floor sanding is also bad for obvious reasons. DIY projects can result in costly damages

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