Restore Your Existing Hardwood Floors

It is possible to restore existing wood and hardwood floors without sanding them down to bare wood. If your wood or hardwood floor is in a decent condition i.e., it has typical wear and tear, the floor doesn’t need to be sanded down to bare wood. It needs maintenance!

The floor just needs to be machine cleaned and abraded before being refinished. This hardwood floor restoration process can deal with basic wear and tear that hardwood floors suffer from, among other occurrences like color being worn off because of foot traffic.

Deep Reflections can add a matching color in such an instance, after abrasion. We will then apply a sealer and finish to restore your hardwood floor back to its former glory. Here is a quick guide on how Deep Reflections conducts maintenance of wood and hardwood floors.

Restore wood and hardwood floors with Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Co.

1. Machine cleaning

If your floor is in decent shape, we will start with cleaning it professionally. With time, hardwood floors accumulate residue and become impossible to clean. Even the best cleaning products out there will not get the job done. This dirt buildup must be removed!

Hardwood floors with dirt buildup problems share some common traits, such as stickiness when cleaning. They also never look great even after a thorough clean. The buildup must be removed. That’s where our machine cleaning service comes in.

Deep Reflections has hardwood floor machine cleaning services that begin with an inspection to determine your flooring type. We will then proceed to machine-clean your floor, stripping off that stubborn dirt build-up standing between you and clean floors. We dry machine clean hardwood floors completely to avoid water damage.

Most wood floors with typical wear and tear just need to be machine-cleaned to look brand new. However, some floors may need some waxing, buffing, and polishing to look great again! If you are unsure of the benefits of machine cleaning your hardwood floor, here are the main pros.

Easier cleaning

Machine cleaning strips off dirt build-up that accumulates overtime on hardwood floors. This eliminates excessive stickiness and makes it easier to clean your floors normally. In fact, the best wood & hardwood floor cleaning products will not work if you have dirt build-up.

Restoring natural beauty

Machine cleaning also restores the natural beauty of wooden floors. While the cleaning method is effective in getting rid of dirt build-up, it does not interfere with the natural markings of woods, among other wood traits that give wood its unique look.

Cleaner & shinier floor

Machine cleaning is the fastest way to get a cleaner and shinier looking hardwood floor. As mentioned above, the best hardwood flooring products will not make your floor look great if it has dirt build-up problems.

Longer lifespan

Unlike sanding, machine cleaning focuses on dirt build-up on top of the floor. The method is not intrusive. Machine cleaning will not strip/peel any flooring layer, as is the case with sanding.

2. Abrading

Your floor needs will need to be abraded before being refinished. Once your floor is machine cleaned and free of dirt, it needs abrading to guarantee proper adhesion and bond between the new finish and the existing finish. While sanding will strip off a thin layer of the wear layer of your hardwood floor, abrading removes the top layer of the old finish.

Machine cleaning is not enough to restore your existing hardwood floor to a perfect condition. The old finish may need to be removed to pave way for a new one.

Deep Reflections offers impeccable hardwood floor abrading services. We have experts who guarantee consistent results. We also offer dustless hardwood abrading services. We have dust containment and dust extraction systems that capture and get rid of any wooden dust that may be produced when abrading.

We will also cover all your furniture and other items in your home. Our careful approach eliminates wood dust (a proven carcinogen). It also guarantees impeccable results. Dust can compromise the final look. You do not have to worry about dust specks and debris landing on wet finishing and compromising the final look. We go as far as controlling internal temperature to guarantee a perfect finish.

Consider abrading your floor after machine cleaning if you want a new finish. A recently restored/new floor may look perfect after machine cleaning. Abrading guarantees a perfect appearance and It also increases lifespan.  Applying and new coat of finish protects your floor.

3. Refinishing

After abrading, your floor needs to be refinished. The process involves applying a new finish. If your floor has typical wear and tear, refinishing may be all you need.  This hardwood floor maintenance process can give perfect results, minus the challenges of other restoration processes like sanding.

Deep Reflections uses high-quality finishes only that not only leave your hardwood floor looking great and will increase the lifespan of the floor.

4. Adding color

Are you looking for hardwood flooring maintenance services because your floor color is worn?

Deep Reflections can add matching color to hardwood flooring that has faded or lost its natural color because of foot traffic, among other reasons like UV light damage. We can make your floor look darker or lighter and anything in between. This service is available for any wood or hardwood color you can think of. Our color options are limitless.

Before applying, we test different color stains.  The floor will also be restored accordingly i.e., through machine cleaning, abrasion, sealing, and finishing.

This service has notable benefits, the most notable being maintaining the natural beauty of hardwood floors. Adding color can also increase the value of your home if you are planning to sell.

5. Waxing and buffing

After refinishing with a wax compatible sealer, your floor will require periodic waxing to add a layer of protection. However, while waxing has protection benefits, they are not guaranteed if you do not use a high-quality wax seal.

Deep Reflections uses the best-of-the-best wax seals only! We also match seals with corresponding floors. We have wax seals that match any type of hardwood floors. We know exactly what works on different floors and how to apply. We have different wax hues for different outcomes.

We also finish the process by buffing to add that perfect glow. We have invested heavily in hardwood restoration equipment over the years. We have motorized buffing machines that guarantee perfect outcomes.

Care to know why you should bother waxing and buffing your hardwood floor?  Well, besides the perfect outcome, a high-quality wax will make your floor stain resistant. High-quality wax seals eliminate floor absorption responsible for staining many hardwood floors. Waxing also preserves the finish and reduces imperfections (scratches, scuffs, and dings that are common on wooden floors).

Waxing and buffing is an affordable way of restoring your hardwood floor.  However, you may need other services discussed above to have a great look.

The above services may be all you need to restore your wood or hardwood floors.  While wooden floors have a classic elegance and come with many other benefits, including a higher ROI, they need special maintenance to look great. The floors lose their unique benefits when they are dirty, dull, or dented.

Machine cleaning, abrading, refinishing, adding color, waxing, and buffing can restore your hardwood floors to a brand-new status. More intrusive methods like sanding are only necessary in special circumstances. That is where Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Co. comes in!

You need a full-service hardwood flooring Services Company like us who knows exactly what you need to do to your floor to make them look the way that you want them to look.

Why Us?

We have been restoring hardwood flooring in North Texas and beyond for 27+ years. We have 50+ years combined experience dealing with wood & hardwood floors.

We are a full-service hardwood flooring company. We can handle all hardwood flooring services from maintenance to custom hardwood floor builds, new installations to dust free sanding and refinishing.

We are health conscious. Our services are 99.8% dust-free. We know the dangers of inhaling wood dust, which is why we have the latest, state of the art dust extraction and dust containment systems.

Fast services: Our hardwood floor services do not take weeks to complete. We will offer most services in a day or two. Try us!  Since we cover everything, use dust containment systems, and control the internal environment if needed, there is no need for lengthy processes i.e., clean up of dust created from the process because there is no dust released into the air resulting in a clean process with a clean smooth surface of new finish.

We guarantee satisfaction. Our clients love us. Check what they are saying about Deep Reflections here.

We are true professionals. Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company is an accredited member of the BBB. We are also NWFA members and a Bona Certified Craftsman Company. Our professional credentials are proof that we maintain the highest hardwood flooring standards. We are honest, trustworthy, responsive, honor promises, and safeguard our client’s privacy. Our NWFA membership is a testament that we abide by the strictest hardwood flooring guidelines globally.

If your current floor is decent and just needs a restoration, CALL US! We offer many services that will restore your floor’s beauty and increase durability without costing you much. If your floor needs some work, we also offer dustless refinishing, among many other hardwood floor restoration services that come with a 10-year warranty.

Try US! We have been offering services for 20+ years, and we have an impeccable record. In fact, we enjoy working with demanding clients because we know our craft. We believe we are the best full-service wood & hardwood flooring services Company in North Texas. Request for a complementary non-obligatory quote TODAY! Phone: 214-553-1577.

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