Definition of real wood

Before discussing sanding and refinishing of wooden and hardwood floors – the best, most recommendable wooden and hardwood floor maintenance service, it is important to define real wood.

Most flooring options out there marketed as wood floors are not actually made of real wood. According to the NWFA (National Wood Floors Association), real wood can be defined as hard, fibrous material forming the main substance of tree trunks, branches, and beneath tree barks. Wood floors are flooring products containing real wood as the top-most part of the floor.

Wood floors can be categorized into solid wood floors, engineered wood floors, and composite engineered wood flooring. Solid wood floors contain real wood entirely (top to bottom). Engineered wood flooring contains real wood from top to bottom, mostly veneers or slats glued together. Composite engineered wood contains real wood on the top wearable surface only. The backing and core are usually made of other materials.

Deep Reflections deals with all types of real, solid wood and hardwood flooring only. We use the most powerful and advanced dust containment and dust extraction systems on the market and we offer our hardwood flooring maintenance services. Since we understand the dangers posed by wood dust (cancer risks), we offer sanding and refinishing that leaves your floors spotless with no trace of dust.

Why should you think of wood floors in the first place?

Wood floors come with many benefits over other floors. The most notable benefits surround value and health benefits. Homes with wooden floors sell quicker than homes with other types of floors. They also “fetch” more money. This makes wood floors the best investment if you choose to sell your home in the future.

The floors can also last for decades if maintained properly. Wood floors today are made to withstand foot traffic and other factors i.e., pet traffic making them look great for decades. You may also derive surprising benefits from wood floors i.e., health benefits. Most home flooring today is not safe. According to the EPA, hardwood floors actually improve indoor air quality indirectly because they don’t harbor allergens, microorganisms, or pesticides that are linked to the outdoors. The floors also reduce the accumulation of mold, dust, and animal dander, making them a healthier option.

Wood floors have other surprising benefits like longer-term environmental friendliness. While it takes wood to make the floors, they last for generations requiring fewer raw materials in the long-term. In fact, wood floors result in less landfill waste when compared to other types of flooring.

Why should you select our company over our competitors?

Deep Reflections is unmatched when it comes to dustless sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors. Our main advantages include:

State-of-the-art dust containment & dust extraction systems

Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company has invested over $500,000 in the best and latest equipment available today. We have dust containment and dust extraction systems that are state of the art and can easily qualify as the most powerful and effective on the planet currently. This is precisely why we guarantee 99.8% dust-free sanding and finishing/refinishing of wood and hardwood floors.

The Bona Atomic trailer is among the equipment we use to do dust free refinishing of hardwood floors. This innovative trailer mounted Bona atomic dust containment system features a gas-powered engine placed outside a customer’s home to increase airflow.

The Bona Atomic trailer can evacuate up to 99.8% of the airborne dust generated from hardwood floor sanding processes. This attracts multiple benefits that our competitors can’t promise. For instance, Deep Reflections can guarantee customer satisfaction by eliminating the dust nightmare faced by many homeowners after they seek hardwood floor sanding or refinishing services. We offer higher-quality results because we remove all airborne dust that usually settles down and ruins wood flooring finish.

The Bona Atomic trailer is also able to offer healthier working conditions. As mentioned above, wood dust is a proven carcinogen. Eliminating it is our #1 goal. We are also able to reduce the time it takes to offer our services since there is no need to hang plastic and cover everything up. Most importantly, our service costs (like cleaning up) are kept down, and we transfer those cost benefits in the form of more affordable premium services.

We also have a Bona portable dust containment system (Bona Portable DCS 2.0), which happens to be among the most advanced Dust Containment Systems currently. This equipment features a two-step cyclonic intake system with two HEPA (hospital-grade) filters. The system allows us to deliver unmatched dust containment results for jobs that do not require a trailer-mounted dust containment system.

Some notable benefits of this system include extreme portability. This unit is less than 110 pounds in weight, making it extremely portable/easy to use. Our hardwood flooring experts can reach any corner of your home and sand, as well as refinish the hardwood floor without leaving a trace of wood dust thanks to the Bona Portable DCS 2.0. The Bona DCS 2.0 and Bona Atomic trailer are just part of the many tools and equipment we use to guarantee dust-less services.

We strive for absolute perfection in every wood and hardwood floor that we work with

Having the best equipment is not enough. We are passionate about exceptional results, which is we use the best-of-the-best products. We use the most premium industry hardwood floor finishes to offer unmatched durability and beauty.

We choose finishes with everything in mind, including the demands of heavy foot traffic and pets. Among our variety of finishes are Bona Traffic and Bona Traffic HD – both finishes feature an advanced formula offering unmatched durability. These finishes outperform all finishes available today.

Some of the pros you stand to enjoy from our finish include extreme resistance to wear, and flawless results linked to excellent applications and leveling properties. Our finishing also eliminates yellowing, non-toxic and is suitable for recoating floors which are already finished.

We also pair finishes and sealers perfectly to create unmatched floor protection and a variety of new options for customers to choose from. We offer a variety of colorations and durability options. The Bona finishes we use offer better performance because we use bona sealers as well. Besides adding coloration, bona sealers also make finishes adhere better to the flooring creating great superior protection.

Long-term dedication to offering great results

Unlike our competitors, we have dedicated our entire adult lives to delivering the highest possible quality to our customers and purpose to do so consistently. Our commitment is not just a marketing stunt for short-term gain. We are continuously learning, investing, and finding new ways of making our services better. This is precisely why we love demanding clients. Our ideal clients cannot stand dull hardwood floors or those that show the slightest hint of imperfection.

We specialize in all types/any type of wood & hardwood floors

We have also purposed to perfect wooden and hardwood floor services. We are not a jack-of-all-trades kind of flooring company. Our unmatched focus on hardwood floors has made us true experts. We specialize in dust free sanding and dust free refinishing of hardwood floors (new and existing). We are not interested in jumping on every flooring job we can find. We are after perfection! Deep Reflections can offer exceptional maintenance of all types of wood and hardwood floors.

21+ Years in business with 50+ years of combined team experience

There are very few hardwood flooring companies in Dallas, if any, that can rival us in terms of experience. We have taken the time to understand and perfect our craft. There is no hardwood flooring problem we haven’t solved. Unlike our competitors, we have a priceless asset that cannot be bought!

BBB & NWFA accreditation

Deep Reflections is an accredited BBB member. We have an A+ rating that reflects the kind of services we offer. We are also NWFA members and a Bona-certified craftsmen Co. It doesn’t get better than this in regard to professional hardwood flooring services.

Truly custom hardwood floor services

There is no service linked to hardwood floors that we cannot offer, from the design work to custom hardwood flooring installation and standard installation of any hardwood floor species. We can also provide you with any cut, grade of wood or hardwood flooring in any width, borders, pattern, and medallions. We are the true definition of a one-stop professional custom hardwood floor services company.

All wood and hardwood flooring services

Deep Reflections offers all wood and hardwood floor maintenance services from dustless refinishing to machine cleaning, waxing, buffing, adding color to hardwood floors, and applying brand new finishing on existing flooring without sanding the flooring to bare wood. Unlike most of our competitors who are still learning on the job, we are a true one-stop-shop for all wood and hardwood flooring services.

In a nutshell, it does not get better than Deep Reflections when it comes to all your wood and hardwood floor needs. We even boast of an exceptional rating on Google. Feel free to check our verified customer reviews on Google to understand why every customer we have worked with in the past loves Deep Reflections Hardwood Floors Company.

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