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If you are a homeowner who is in search of new floors or you don’t like the look of your existing floors, and you need a replacement, there is a huge chance that hardwood flooring is at the peak of your list. Over the years, there have been several flooring trends, and some of these trends don’t last, while some go extinct due to the emergence of new trends. Hardwood flooring is the best way to provide your house with a classic and unique appearance, one that compliments the beauty of your home. 

Whether you have it in mind to renovate your home or office, new hardwood is a reliable and attractive option. New hardwood floors are known to bestow a sense of permanence to interiors, which has been a common flooring choice for centuries. 

There are several reasons why you should consider adorning the floor of your home with hardwood. Let’s take a look at some benefits that are attached to hardwood installation. 


Hardwood floors remain one of the best flooring options for homeowners because they instantly make a room look awesome. Irrespective of the species of hardwood you choose to adopt, or where you decide to place it, your home will have an elegant look. Also, homes furnished with hardwood flooring are known to have a higher resale value than homes that lack hardwood flooring, making it an ideal choice if you intend on selling your house later in the future. 

Hygiene and maintenance 

Overall maintenance and cleaning of a wood floor are easier compared to other types of floors. Hardwood floors are resistant to liquid spills, including and dander, so cleaning liquid spills or wiping away that dirt from a wooden floor is very easy, unlike if the same were to occur on a carpeted area. This ensures that you have peace of mind even in the presence of toddlers or pets who are the main causes of stains on this type of floor. 

Hygienically, wood floors are much better than carpets. If you are a pet owner or you have certain allergies, you will benefit a lot from this because hardwood floors do not house parasites like fleas, dust mites, ticks, or allergen producing spores. Also, with hardwood flooring, you don’t have to worry about obnoxious odors left by your pet or liquid spills because of how easy it is to clean this type of floor.

Amazing quality

When other types of floors appear old, worn out, and somewhat ugly, your hardwood floor will still retain its beautiful appearance. Another amazing thing about hardwood floors is that they increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it. You should also note that unlike carpeting and vinyl, hardwood floors can undergo refinishing instead of replacement when the finish requires an update. 

Hardwood species 

Hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood, including laminate flooring comes in many diverse species. Each wood species boast of diverse base color, design pattern, and appearance. The Janka Hardness Scale, named after Gabriel Janka, an Australian researcher, is the standard for ascertaining wood hardness. The higher the Janka rating, the harder the wood and the stronger your floor would be. Are you in the market for new hardwood for that apartment of yours? Below are some arrays of amazing hardwood species you can select from:


Oak comes in two diverse types, namely: red oak and white oak. Red oak comes with a Janka rating of 1290 and is appropriate for most flooring needs. The red oak features a cool spiraled grain outline on its entire structure and can vary a little in color, including grain pattern from one board to another. Red oak can add beauty to several ranges of decoration styles like classic, rustic, modern, etc. 

White oak is quite durable than its partner. With a Janka rate of 1360, the white oak is ideal for areas that are mostly visited in the home. The color and grain of white oak differ a little, complementing your home with a sleek elegance, which suits several designs. White oak also comes in a gray undertone with no evidence of red.


Known for its warm brown hue, including its even grain outline, this hardwood species is a little bit softer than some hardwoods. Cherry has a Janka rate of 950, which makes it ideal for places that has low-traffic like the bedroom, dining room, etc. Cherry can also darken over time and can add glamor to your home. 


Walnut hardwoods have a deep and rich chocolate tone, including a big grain pattern, which makes this species ideal for drama and sophistication. Walnut has a high Janka rating of 1010, and this makes it suitable for areas in the house that has medium-to-light-traffic. If used in high-traffic areas, walnut may show signs of wear after a few years.


Hickory boasts of a Janka rating of 1820; this makes it very strong and perfect for high-traffic areas. Hickory was once the top option for school gymnasium floors. This species is suited to both country style and rustic, and it comes with big knots and colors that can differ from one board to another. 


Here lies another strong species of hardwood. Maple boasts of a Janka ranking of 1450 and can be used for the floor of most rooms. This hardwood species has a fairly-light color, coupled with shades that comes in colors such as light cream, beige, and tan. Maple also comes in a smooth gain pattern, with dark streaks and little spots that make this wood attractive. Maple hardwood complements many styles, such as modern, transitional, and eclectic. 

Hardwood installation can be carried out using either of these four methods such as:

  • Nail down ( 2” cleats using pneumatics)
  • Staple down ( this method makes use of pneumatics)
  • Glue down (adhesives are used here)

After you have purchased the hardwood you feel would suit your home best, you will have to contact a specialist for the installation process. At deep reflections hardwood floors, we will not only provide you with options on the best types of hardwood to utilize in your new installation, we would also help you in the installation process irrespective of the species, grade, or width and in any pattern be it with a border or without a border, customer laser cut inlays, medallions, ornamental floors, mixed media wood or hardwood floors. 

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