Wood floors are designed to withstand the traffic of busy families, including man’s best friend. Wood floors are extremely durable. They can withstand the rambunctiousness of a puppy and still look beautiful for decades. Just be sure to pick a species that can endure your dog’s playful spirit, sharp nails, and occasional accidents. Real Wood Floors can also be professionally cleaned and refinished without having to be sanded. This process is called the “Restore” method.


Each species of hardwood has a different level of hardness. Some common domestic species like walnut, cherry, and birch are less hard in comparison to other common domestic species like maple, hickory, and oak.

The hardness of solid wood is measured according to a system called the Janka Scale. The Janka Scale gives a good indication of how well a wood species can be expected to withstand dents and dings. The scale is determined by the amount of pound-force required to push a .444-inch diameter steel ball halfway into the wood.

Ratings for both domestic and imported species are included in the scale; however, none of these values apply to engineered wood flooring. While Janka values give a general sense of how hard solid wood is, other factors also contribute to the durability of wood as well. This can include things like how the wood is cut and the finish that is applied to the wood.

Original source: The National Wood Flooring Association


You probably think a lot about whether the food you eat is safe. But how safe is the flooring surface in your home? When it comes to flooring, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finds that hardwood floors improve indoor air quality. They do not harbor microorganisms, allergens, or pesticides that can be tracked in from outdoors. Hardwood floors also minimize the accumulation of dust, mold and animal dander which makes wood floors a healthy option for your little one’s first steps and beyond. This makes your entire house much safer while giving your home the style and class of it’s own. Hardwood and wood floors also increase the value of your home as soon as the installation is complete and your new floors are completely finished.

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