When choosing flooring for your home, the advantages of solid hardwood floors over other are highly recommended. According to the CDC’s interim recommendations for US households, rugs and carpeted floors should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly using appropriate EPA approved cleaners only).

You should keep your floors clean and dry to avoid creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Solid hardwood flooring is the best type of flooring to have or install in this regard. The floor is easy to clean and dry. Unlike carpeted flooring and other types of flooring surfaces, you just need a dust mop and a cleaner with disinfectant to keep your solid hardwood floor clean and free of Covid-19 and other deadly pathogens. What’s more, you can clean the floor as many times as required.

2. ZERO dust mites

Another notable advantage of solid hardwood floors is the absence of dust mites. If your home is covered by carpets, you can rest assured you have dust mites all over. Besides feeding on dust and human skin particles that get stuck in carpets, dust mites are responsible for many respiratory health illnesses and allergies.

In fact, there are studies showing that 85% of asthmatic individuals are hypersensitive to allergens linked to house dust mites. As a result, having carpets or other types of flooring that is hard to clean is dangerous for your health. In fact, it makes the situation dire for individuals who already have respiratory health problems like asthma.

While some may argue that vacuum cleaning a carpet often will help keep dust mites and related respiratory health problems away, vacuuming has been found to be ineffective against dust mites. One such study shows that vacuuming actually changes dust mite distribution within carpeting as opposed to removing dust mites and allergens.

Even if you manage to get a HEPA vacuum cleaner that is effective in getting rid of dust mites, you still have to deal with the dust mite feces left behind/embedded in carpeting and capable of causing allergic reactions. The only proven way to get rid of dust mites and related problems in your home is to eliminate carpeting and install flooring such as solid hardwood that is hard, smooth, easy to clean, and looks as good (if not better) than carpeting.

The hard surface of floors also prevents the accumulation of artificial substances, as is the case with some synthetic floors. A recent EPA study shows that pesticides used in homes and gardens accumulate on floors and surfaces in homes. Having solid hardwood floors is a great way to avoid the accumulation of such toxins.

3. Better indoor air quality

Since hardwood floors don’t trap dust mites and other allergens like pollen and pet dander, you can rest assured of better indoor air quality. Carpets, tile flooring, laminate flooring, among many other common types of flooring have embossing’s and grout lines that are perfect settling spots for dust and other allergens.

Besides health benefits, solid hardwood floors have many other benefits that include:

4. Natural product benefits

Installing hardwood flooring also attracts the benefits associated with using natural products. Carpets and most synthetic flooring today are made through chemical processes that leave harsh residues. The solvents, sealers, and polymers associated with many types of flooring today leach into many homes for decades after installation. As natural products, solid hardwood flooring is 100% safe for the environment. If you are seeking a floor that has extraordinarily little to very low chemical emissions, look no further.

5. Best floor for increasing the value of your home

Solid hardwood floors have an unmatched touch of elegance when compared to other floors. They make a home look expensive and add other benefits such as warmth and an illusion of space. What’s more, you can install custom hardwood and wood floors to make your flooring unique and create a great first impression.

Most importantly, you are assured of getting a higher selling price when you sell your home. Hardwood flooring is among the features in homes that home buyers are willing to pay an extra 54% of home buyers aged 54 and below find hardwood flooring more desirable than other types of flooring. Installing custom hardwood and wood floors is a guaranteed way of increasing the value of your home while enjoying all the other advantages of solid hardwood floors.

6. Lasts longer than a lifetime

While vinyl floors, engineered floors, and other modern types of floors last a few decades at most, solid hardwood floors can last for a century. Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished as opposed to being replaced after decades, returning the flooring to a new state.

As the name suggests, solid hardwood flooring is composed of solid wood throughout the floor’s thickness. The wood is usually a hardwood species i.e., maple, oak, walnut, etc. This kind of wood is thick and capable of being sanded and refinished several times over its lifespan. The same can’t be said about other floors. For instance, engineered flooring may have a similar appearance but has a very thin layer of wood. As a result, such flooring can’t be sanded and refinished as many times as solid hardwood floors. A single refinishing can be enough to retire engineered flooring.

7. Timeless appeal regardless of decor or home style

Looking for more reasons to install solid hardwood flooring in your home? Well, unlike other types of flooring, solid hardwood flooring matches just about any décor and home or style you can think of. Whether you think of changing wall art, mirrors, decorative accents, or anything else in your home in the future, solid hardwood floors will still look great.

You can rest assured the floor will still be appealing centuries to come. Surprisingly, solid hardwood floors are the only floors that do not become old-fashioned. This explains why they feature in many modern homes today. Real hardwood floors offer natural beauty and a variety of swirls, grains, and shades that match anything and will always be fashionable.

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), most home buyers want the timelessness that is achieved perfectly by hardwood flooring.

8. Cost-effective in the long-term

While the initial cost of solid hardwood flooring is higher than other types of floors, the floor is cheaper in the long-term. As mentioned above, solid hardwood floors can last a century. The floors can be resurfaced and refinished after 8-12 years to ensure they look as good as new. You don’t need to replace solid hardwood flooring for decades. The same cannot be said about other floors which last a decade, must be replaced after that.

In typical cases, one homeowner can buy three or more typical floors before a homeowner with hardwood floors ever thinks of replacing their flooring. Even then, the life of solid hardwood flooring can still be extended with resurfacing, refinishing, and re-coating services which have an insignificant cost implication when compared to the cost of buying and installing brand new flooring.

Even if you don’t like the color of your wooden flooring, the floor can be stained to match your unique taste or preference. You can get decorative wood floors or any other types of custom hardwood and wood floors at little cost if you work with experts like us.

9. Better acoustics

Solid hardwood floors don’t produce the hollow vibrations and sounds associated with modern flooring that aims to offer a wood-like appearance. If you want to improve the acoustics of your home, hardwood flooring is the best. While wood-like floors can copy the appearance of wood and trick many people into thinking it’s hardwood, it just takes a quick walk on the floor to determine if it is hardwood or not. The superior acoustic qualities of hardwood are part of the reason why it is the most popular flooring in dance/music studios.

Conclusion: Should you install solid hardwood flooring instead of other common types of floors?

Absolutely! The health benefits of hardwood floors stand out, especially during the current pandemic. You need a floor you can disinfect fast and easy, countless times. Solid hardwood floors also offer many other superior health benefits foreign to other floors. For instance, there’s no need to worry about dust mites, indoor air quality, and toxins/chemicals associated with other flooring during manufacturing and installation. If you choose solid hardwood flooring experts like us, you don’t have to worry about carcinogenic dust produced during sanding and refinishing wooden floors. We offer dustless sanding and refinishing services.

Other benefits of solid hardwood flooring like increased home value, durability, timeless appeal, and better acoustics should be enough to convince any homeowner. Let’s not even mention the long-term cost benefits. Solid hardwood floors are cheaper than other floors in the long-term, given they do not need to be changed for a lifetime.

To enjoy all the above advantages of solid hardwood floors, you must work with real experts like us. We are specialists in custom residential wood & hardwood floors from the design stage to custom installations. We are your #1 contractor for patterned hardwood floors, decorative wood floors, dust-free sanding & refinishing of hardwood floors, maintenance, and just about any other hardwood flooring service you can think of.

We have been in business for 21+ years. Our combined 55 years of experience, BBB-accreditation (A-plus rating), and NWFA membership is a testament of our expertise in hardwood flooring. We are also a Bona Certified Craftsman (BCC) company.

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